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Why Study Business Administration?

The business world moves at a fast pace. It is always evolving with new technologies, and revolutionizing as more free-thinking entrepreneurs step onto the playing field. The industry is also becoming more appealing, as young, aspiring individuals are coming forward with new and innovative business models. The internet and social media have completely revolutionized the business field, and those considering business school may wonder “Why study business?” However, the better question is: Why not?

If you are considering business school, you may have an entrepreneurial state of mind, a passion for leadership and management, or, perhaps, a desire to advance in your current career. Despite all those qualities, you may still find yourself wondering if business school is worth it.

In short, the answer yes. Business is no longer “just” business. It is a competitive arena, filled with progressive and determined thinkers like yourself. To stand out and get noticed by today’s business leaders, you must have the desired skills, knowledge, and education under your belt.

Goodwin University is a well-respected leader in business administration and entrepreneurial education. Our programs are taught by industry professionals and founded on the very skills that business employers are looking for today:

  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving
  • Teamwork
  • Finance
  • Management

If you are looking to advance in the world of business, a business administration or related degree will be your first step.

When it comes to college and your future, asking questions will be key in truly understanding which degree path is right for you. If you’re still wondering why study business, read on. Here you will find some of the top reasons to obtain a business-centric education.

  1. Value

For students looking for added value upon graduation, a business administration major is a smart path to take.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), graduates holding a bachelor’s degree in business administration continue to rank the most in-demand professionals in the U.S. As revealed by the NACE’s recent report, about 55% of employers intend to hire professionals with this degree. Employers are also expressing great interest in graduates who have a background in finance and accounting.

Business degrees also rank top of the list for return-on-investment – typically meaning higher income upon graduation. Positions as accountants and financial advisors, international business professionals, corporate managers, and educational leaders have particularly high entry-level salaries.

  1. All-around skills development

A business administration degree is one of the most versatile paths you can take as a college student. This is largely because of the fundamentals and groundwork established in its curriculum, as well as the all-around perspective offered to students pursuing a business major. In studying business, students get a taste of various aspects of business operations – finance and accounting, marketing and advertising, management and strategic planning.

The knowledge and skills acquired through a business administration program make students very marketable upon entering the workforce. In addition to a varied and versatile curriculum, students also develop skills in effective communication, problem-solving, critical-thinking, leadership, team management, and resourcefulness – skills that are universal and applicable to any career path you may choose.

  1. Vast job opportunities

The variety of skills learned in a business administration school also carry over to an array of potential career opportunities upon graduation. Students with a business degree are fit for a number of careers, including (but certainly not limited to):

  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Customer service
  • Sales
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship

The applicability and flexibility of this major make it a very beneficial one to have in today’s competitive job market. In fact, these positions are expected to grow 7% over the next several years, which is faster than the average for other occupations. This is why Indeed ranks business administration among the top 25 most useful college majors.

Even if you are already a seasoned business employee, a business administration degree can help further your experience in the field. Many Goodwin students, for example, choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree in business administration in efforts to advance in their current positions.

  1. Connections

Professional relationships are the cornerstone of business success. When you are just starting out in business, however, these relationships can be tricky to establish. You must network, network, network, and build connections from the ground up.

One of the top reasons why one should study business administration is the fact that it is a gateway for professional connections. There are constant opportunities to build relationships within the program – with your peers, your professors, guest speakers, as well as workforce leaders. At Goodwin, collaboration and professional insight are at the heart of our program. We maintain relationships with businesses throughout Connecticut and put our students at a great advantage for networking.

Our free Career Services Team offers assistants to students and graduates. Whether you need help networking or something as simple as writing a cover letter and updating your resume, you can rest assured that Goodwin’s staff has your back. Our staff does not rest until you are in the career of your dreams.

  1. Flexibility

The business administration program at Goodwin University is all about convenience and putting students in charge of their curriculum.  We understand that you have a life outside of school. You may be trying to hold down a full-time or part-time job, and care for a growing family. Unlike many other business schools, we offer business classes on days, evenings, and weekends – as well as on-campus, online, and a hybrid of the two. Students also have the opportunity to take the accelerated classes, which can be completed in just over seven weeks. We are all about flexibility in our programs.

Business administration students at Goodwin also have the opportunity to choose the path that makes most sense for them. Here, you can earn a bachelor’s degree, an associate degree, or a certificate in business administration.

Why study business? Because the truth is, your chances at career success will increase considerably with a business-focused education. Why? At Goodwin University, we understand that business administration gives students a leg-up, preparing them for today’s competitive market. Students learn how to be successful in start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, and non-profits – the organizations that are changing the face of business and the faces that are bridging innovation with professionalism in an ever-changing industry.

To learn more about earning a bachelor’s degree, associate degree, or certificate in business administration at Goodwin, please visit us online or call 800-889-3282 today.  You can also see our video for three secrets you learn about yourself in business school.