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Do I Stay or Do I Go? Why You Might Consider Transferring to a Different College

Going back to school is an exciting time in your life. You’re looking toward your future with better career prospects and higher earning potential. But what if you find yourself disappointed in the education or the experience you are getting at your current school?

As frustrating as that sounds, know that you’re not alone. In fact, 56% of Goodwin students have transferred in from another college or university.* When investing so much time and money into your future, being at the right school makes all the difference. To help you decide whether to stay where you’re at or make a change, here are four reasons why students might consider transferring colleges.

Reason # 1: You Want a Better Campus Experience.

While you might not spend all your time on your college campus, even as a commuter you’ll spend enough time on campus to learn rather quickly if your school offers what you need. From a school store to support services, your college campus should provide everything you need to succeed while working so hard to complete your degree. College students have very demanding lives. They are looking for college campuses that are:

  • Diverse
  • Inclusive
  • Innovative
  • Supportive

We understand what it’s like to go to school while working full-time and taking care of your personal responsibilities. Goodwin University offers you everything you need to feel at home on campus. You’ll have access to quiet workspaces, places to meet in groups, a full-service café, our full academic library, and more. When you’re on Goodwin’s campus, you’ll be surrounded by our expert faculty who are looking to help you meet your goals on our diverse and vibrant campus.

“As an immigrant, finding a safe space open to sharing and learning is not always easy. I felt supported by the Goodwin professors and instructors.”

-Thalis Pires

Reason # 2: You Need Better Support Services.

Across the country, college students are trying to find balance in their lives. They are working full-time and taking care of their families while trying to build a better future for themselves. In the United States alone, up to one-third of college students report struggling with food insecurity (source). Outside factors such as stress, hunger, and mental health issues can negatively impact your education and your future.

Your college campus should be one in which you feel empowered to learn and grow — where you’re given the support you need to earn your degree. It’s important that your college offers you the support services you need to not just survive but thrive while finishing your degree.

At Goodwin, we understand how difficult it can be to find balance. That’s why we offer comprehensive support services to help you address potential academic and personal challenges. Here, you can take advantage of the following support services:

  • Tutoring services
  • Lifetime career services
  • Counseling
  • The Ann B. Clark Co-op
  • And more!

“The academics at Goodwin were great, but it was the support services that made all the difference for me.”

-Nannette Kyer, RN, BSN, IBCLC

Reason # 3: You Want a Career-Focused Major.

People go back to college for many different reasons. You might be looking to gain knowledge, make a career change, or advance in your current career. Regardless of why you go back to school, the result should be a better future. Getting to college and discovering that your priorities have shifted can be frustrating — especially if you’re changing careers later in life.

Wanting to change majors and look for a more career-focused university is a major reason many students switch schools. If your current school doesn’t offer programs and majors that align with your career goals, it might be worth making a change.

At Goodwin, our faculty and staff are knowledgeable about market trends and the skills that employers are looking for. You’ll grow your knowledge in your field while also gaining the interpersonal skills you need to take on leadership roles and advance your career. 94% of our students get a job or continue their education within six months of graduation.** Our programs give you practical experience that translates into job skills that are in demand right now.

If you’re not sure what you want to do for your career, we can help with that too. Our Career Services team is ready to help you polish your resume and interviewing skills while helping you research careers that interest you.

“It wasn’t until I found Goodwin that my feelings of hopelessness in my career started to disappear. The advisors at Goodwin were comforting, understanding, and motivating. Since starting the program, I’ve accomplished goals I didn’t think were possible, even while experiencing struggles in my personal life. I have found the support and encouragement I needed in the Accelerated BSN program. Goodwin has changed my life and is leading me to a career where I will help change the lives of others.”

-Suzanne Sebastian

Reason # 4: You Deserve a More Affordable Education.

The cost of higher education is a concern for most students, let alone someone who has other financial responsibilities trying to go back to school. Paying for college means understanding everything that goes into the financial aid process and feeling confident that you’re making the right choice. Paying for college is no small task, and the cost of earning a degree varies widely across colleges and universities. It makes sense to want to explore the affordability of other schools. After all, you are making an investment in your future.

Goodwin University has one of the lowest tuition costs for private, non-profit colleges in the state. In fact, 85% of Goodwin students receive grant or scholarship aid.* Our Financial Aid counselors are ready to help walk you through the financial aid process, so you know exactly what your education will cost.

Goodwin University offers grant and scholarship aid, which doesn’t have to be repaid. In the fall of 2022, 60% of Goodwin undergraduate students received Pell grants and $3.3 million in institutional scholarships were awarded to Goodwin students. We can help you understand federal student loans, which must be repaid but can help you bridge the gap between your financial aid award and the cost of your tuition.

If you’re considering transferring schools because you’re not happy with your current situation, we can help you. Goodwin University partners with Transferology to help you transfer in more of your credits and get you on your way to earning your degree faster.

Interested in transferring to Goodwin University? Contact us to learn more today! Let’s do this together!

*Fall 2022 student data
** Students graduating from 7/1/2021-6/30/2022