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 From Imaginative Play to Innovative Professional

From imaginative play to innovative professional: 
How Child Study graduate, Maureen Moore, instructs and impacts Early Childhood Education, and the lives of students facing social emotional struggles. 

As a child, Maureen Moore was full of energy. From a young age, she was often dressed in costume jewelry or could be found playing outside with her sister and other kids in the neighborhood. Self-described as an “inventive child,” depending on the day, Maureen would use her imagination to become whatever she wanted, whether it be a basketball star shooting her best shot before the buzzer, or an awe-inspiring singer mesmerizing her audience through the microphone. As a kid, Maureen would turn trash bags into kites that curled and swayed among the clouds, and swing sets would transform into castles and ships, all before supper.

When teachers transcend 

When Maureen was in fourth grade, her teacher called her “sunshine” because wherever she went, she always lit up the room. An influential motivator for her future calling, her fourth-grade teacher “was an amazing woman,” Maureen made it a point to mention. “Through all my learning challenges, she always made me feel smart and loved.”

As Maureen pondered over her professional purpose, she “wanted all children to feel that connection,” and “it was truly because of her [teacher] that [Maureen] wanted to become an educator.”

At Goodwin University, it’s not just a classroom; it’s a community 

When Maureen decided to follow in her former teacher’s footsteps and pursue her bachelor’s degree in Child Study, she was looking for highly respected institutions with programs in the education field. Maureen remembered those who spoke highly of Goodwin University, and several of her daycare coworkers were students attending Goodwin as well.

“Choosing Goodwin was the greatest choice of my life,” Maureen openly admitted. “For the first time, school wasn’t daunting, and I was having success and building my skills in the field.”

Maureen worked full-time and took classes in the evenings, on-campus, and online before crossing the commencement stage with honors in 2016.

“I remember when I decided to go back to school as an adult, my fear was being the oldest in the class,” Maureen revealed. “Little did I know, Goodwin was diverse in all aspects, and it was filled with people who had incredible stories. The goals, the triumphs of my classmates, and the things we all did to better ourselves were inspiring and kept me going each semester,” Maureen shared.

Utilizing Universal Design for Learning 

“At Goodwin, for the first time in my life, my academics came naturally,” Maureen disclosed. Under the University’s Universal Design for Learning framework, “Goodwin courses had so many different types of assessments, that grades weren’t all based on testing, which, is not a strength of mine,” she confessed.

“In addition to quizzes and tests, there were experiences, projects, presentations, virtual videos, and other ways to evaluate our knowledge. It was because of that, I began having success in school, which lead to a boost of confidence and a personal drive to keep going, and continue to set and meet new goals.”

Student teaching success 

When asked about her favorite class in the Child Study curriculum, Maureen divulged that she “loved all of [her] Early Childhood Education classes” because “they were hands-on, project-based, and stuck with [her] in [her] career.” But if she had to choose just one class over all others, Maureen picked her student teaching experience Course.

“My student teaching was extremely memorable,” she acknowledged. “I was guided by two wonderful teachers who were so creative and allowed me to be part of the classroom community. I was trusted and respected as an equal,” Maureen detailed, “and it set me up for success.”

A career that caters to kindness, collaboration, and connection

Maureen’s student teaching experience ultimately led her to her current profession, a Behavior Intervention Specialist, at Riverside Magnet School at Goodwin University.

“Early education is such a critical time,” Maureen expressed. “Being a school-wide Behavior Intervention Specialist, I get to move around the school, getting to know all of the students and building connections with them.”

Maureen helps students with strategies to express themselves safely while effectively communicating their needs. She reflects with children on each day’s event, ways to improve their choices, and celebrates with students on their emotional regulation milestones.

“Over the years,” Maureen graciously added, “I have had the opportunity to work with so many students who have grown and persevered to become outstanding members of our community.”

Maureen has been working with the students of Riverside Magnet School since 2014.

Educational expressions that inspire 

When asked if Maureen had any memorable childcare mantras, two came to mind.

The kids who need the most love will ask for it in the most unloving ways,”


Children are great imitators. Give them something great to imitate.”

As a way to give back, Maureen wants to do for others, at Riverside Magnet School, what Goodwin did for her.

In an effort for students to feel loved and safe with someone to look up to, Maureen has masterfully instructed little learners on the essential social and emotional skills needed for success.

At Goodwin University, Maureen is also the former president of the Early Childhood Education Club where the association has made connections in the community and raised money for local food pantries. Maureen has also volunteered her time at fairs, parades, and fundraisers.

Goodwin University unites

“I went to Goodwin and gained lifelong friends, an encouraging education, and an amazing career,” Maureen stated. “I have been through a lot of personal growth on this campus, and I am so proud of the person I am when I’m here.”

As for advice for any students considering a career-ready university like Goodwin, “I can promise that this university and the people in it will support you and cheer for you,” Maureen championed.

“I can promise you will have classmates with amazing stories, and I can promise you will be prepared for your next step when you graduate. Your education will be of high quality, and the connections you make, both personal and professional, will be forever.”

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