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Marylis Mainaza: Persevering Her Passion for Nursing, Calling the Shots to Success

Marylis Mainaza seldom has a chance to schedule a time to sit down because of her busy schedule between work and school. But when that moment of me-time finds her, she loves to watch comedies and laugh on her couch with her mother, three sons, family, and friends. When she isn’t focused on a funny flick, in her few flashes of free time you might find her gardening, preparing to be a grandmother, or, dancing in the kitchen cooking her specialty — Peruvian Ceviche, a traditional dish that fuses fresh oranges and limes, onions and garlic, fish, potatoes, and peppers. After a full life of nurturing her children and nourishing anyone who would sit at her kitchen table, Marylis just knew she could handle a bit more on her plate.

Marylis was born in Lima, Peru, the captivating South American capital perfectly placed alongside the Pacific coast. With one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in the Western Hemisphere, Marylis’ home city also has the highest concentration of educational establishments on its continent. Born in a region that gives precedence to the attainment of academics, it’s no surprise that Marylis’ commitment to higher education fuels her for future success.

Growing with Her Garden
Later in life, Marylis earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Science from Eastern Connecticut State University. Despite having a Certified Nurse’s Assistant (CNA) and Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Marylis recognized the limitations of not having her bachelor of science in Nursing (BSN) in the workplace early on. As a CNA, Marylis assisted patients with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), but she wanted to learn more about the diseases that afflicted those in her care. Longing to learn more, Marylis went back to school and earned her licensure as a practical nurse. And although having her LPN helped her to get to know more about those she served, Marylis still found herself limited in the complete care she sought to provide her patients.

With her children now grown, Marylis saw this as her moment to grow academically and professionally. Already having earned her bachelor degree and ambitious for further academic guidance, Marylis went on to research Goodwin’s website and reviews. Clicking away toward her future career, and with the prospect of earning her ABSN in as few as 16 months (with her bachelor degree already accomplished), Marylis connected with one of Goodwin’s admissions officers, took a chance, and signed up to make academics a priority in her life once again.

A Second Helping of Success
“At Goodwin, I really found the help I needed,” Marylis, now a pupil of the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) program, acknowledged. She found that Goodwin University’s hybrid format of online and on-campus classes helped to balance her studies with full-time work and family. Marylis credits the success of her studies to organizing and prioritizing her time and to intentionally keeping in touch throughout the semesters with her loved ones, who are an active support system. “I get up early and I talk to my kids every day. My life has become more active now that I am in school again, and my boys are proud of me for having such determination at this time in my life,” Marylis beamed.

With her family endorsements echoing nothing but encouragement, Goodwin’s faculty also enabled Marylis to expand her skillsets. “I have support from professors here like nowhere else,” Marylis explained. She went on to credit the experienced, professional instructors who helped her build the deductive reasoning skills needed to summon quick, patient judgments in critical moments. She praised professor Ed Kobylanski for his talents in “exemplifying his own nursing experiences, ones that [Marylis] will remember throughout [her] nursing career.”

Marylis also named Bruce Hoffman, assistant professor at Goodwin, as “an inspirational example.” She recalled his adrenaline-charged stories about emergency situations in air ambulance helicopters. She fondly remembered the advice he gave to students about self-care — forewarning his class to take care of themselves first before they can properly care for their patients. Marylis reminisced on Professor Hoffman’s dedication to drive students to continue the track towards higher education, and she was appreciative of her professor’s unwavering support for students to become the nurses of the future.

Persevering For Her Patients
Once she graduates with her ABSN, Marylis hopes to work in a state hospital. A former volunteer and an advocate for proper patient care, Marylis also wants to work with non-profit organizations in providing low-income households access to healthcare services. A former LPN volunteer at a local non-profit organization, Marylis saw the prevalent pattern that people without an education, family support, or appropriate insurance face in seeking adequate healthcare. A lifelong learner, Marylis wants to educate others to prevent diseases. By helping patients avoid unnecessary medical expenses brought on by the emergency room, hospital stays, and medications, Marylis seeks to improve the health of communities, and assist the healthcare system at large. “I cannot see injustice” Marylis mentioned. “I try to be an advocate for all people in need.”

A firm believer in accomplishing the incredible, Marylis’ faith pushes her forward. The particular passage that keeps her going can be found in Luke 1:37, “For nothing will be impossible with God.” With a full plate of professional potential and still hungry to help others, Marylis was eager to remind persistent pupils like herself that “Life is a constant learning experience. In spite of many difficulties, do not give up. Know that it’s never too late to follow your dreams.”

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