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7 Reasons to Pursue Manufacturing in 2020

Modern manufacturing is an exciting, high-tech field for motivated and innovative people. If you want to work in an industry that is constantly evolving, and allows you to constantly create, then a career in manufacturing is undoubtedly for you! But before you dive into the field, you’ll want to prepare. Manufacturers are seeking highly qualified professionals to fill their jobs – workers who are skillful, imaginative, dexterous, technical, and taught in their trade. That’s where a training program comes in.

A manufacturing training program can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to succeed. As you consider taking this path, you may want to learn a little more about this growing industry in Connecticut.

There is a rich manufacturing legacy within the state of Connecticut. The Nutmeg State is home to Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin, Charles Goodyear’s first rubber tire, and Igor Sikorsky’s creation of the helicopter! Connecticut clearly has a knack for ingenuity and creativity, and its only grown over the years. Today, the state is home to a variety of premier manufacturers, including the popular Stanley Black + Decker, as well as renowned aerospace company Pratt & Whitney.

These are among the many companies you can (and may want to) work for. But why? If you’re debating a future in manufacturing, read on. Below we explore some of the top reasons to pursue manufacturing training in Connecticut this year.

  1. There is a manufacturing talent shortage/need for a qualified workers.

There is no question that manufacturing is a key part of Connecticut’s economy and success. And, according to the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA), the field continues to grow. Their 2019 Connecticut Manufacturing Report cites that 26 percent of manufacturers in Connecticut grew their workforce within the past 12 months. And yet, they need to hire more.

The report states that “workforce challenges weigh heavily on manufacturers minds,” with 60 percent of manufacturers highlighting workforce as their most significant immediate need. At the same time, 89 percent of those responders state that recruiting qualified workers is their primary challenge today. Connecticut continues to face a serious shortage of skilled manufacturing employees. Shortage equals opportunity – especially in a state with a booming manufacturing industry.

  1. Manufacturing is one of the biggest and most important industries for our economy.

According to the same CBIA report, manufacturing is one of Connecticut’s primary growth sectors within the economy. The state’s aerospace and defense sectors, for example, continue to drive durable goods manufacturing, which grew 0.33% in 2018 and is the second amongst all industry sectors. Non-durable goods also saw growth in 2018.

Our economy, as well as our population, relies on manufactured goods. Manufactured goods range from essential medical equipment – which save patient lives – to transportation systems, which allow us to travel via ground, waterways, or air. Manufactured goods (i.e. computers and smartphones) are what have allowed us to write, and to read, this article right now.

Because manufacturing is a strong driver of the economy, it is also a strong driver of job opportunity. Most jobs, both directly and indirectly, relate back to manufacturing. In Connecticut specifically, there are almost 161,000 active manufacturing employees today – and over 4,000 companies supporting them. Not to mention, every 1.5 jobs in manufacturing translates to 4 other jobs in the state.

  1. Manufacturing is safer and greener than ever before.

There’s no question the world is changing. Climate change and other environmental concerns are becoming a top priority among world leaders. As we make strides in “going green” – so do manufacturing companies! Despite popular belief, manufacturing jobs no longer entail the dark, factory setting we used to hear about. Today, businesses are working to make their operations safer, more efficient, and better on Mother Earth. Goodwin University offers a course – Green Manufacturing – wherein students can develop the skills necessary to preserve and restore environmental quality. This course covers green technologies and green jobs within the industry, which will help manufacturers of the future work in a competitive and evolving industry.

  1. Manufacturing is a high-tech field on the forefront of new technology and change.

Right along with those environmental improvements, there are always advancements being made within the manufacturing industry. In fact, manufacturing is on the forefront of that change, with cutting-edge equipment being used to create constantly advancing goods: the latest aerospace parts, the newest smartphone, the most advanced medical scanning technology.

As a result, manufacturers are looking for educated and highly-skilled employees who can keep up. This means the job candidates should have technical manufacturing skills, critical-thinking skills, knowledge and understanding of CNC machining, programming, and geometric dimensioning. They should be trained on state-of-the-art machinery and be interested in using new technologies as they arise.

  1. There are flexible manufacturing programs available.

As you explore this exciting field, you may be thinking, why do I need an education? Can’t I just apply? As mentioned above, manufacturers are seeking highly-qualified workers, and you will want to stand out. But this does not mean years in school. Today, there are flexible and accelerated programs available.

For those who wish to get into the workforce fast, an accelerated program or a certificate program are two great options that take only months to complete. For example, at Goodwin University, you can pursue a CNC, Metrology, and Manufacturing Technology certificate at an accelerated pace – and complete it in under 23 weeks. After graduation, we will connect you with local manufacturing partners and help you launch your career.

Or, you can choose a manufacturing and machining program that accommodates your busy schedule. Goodwin understands the dilemma students often face when juggling school, work, and family obligations. You have a life to live! That is why we prioritize flexibility and enable students to pursue their education while maintaining other personal commitments. Goodwin’s courses are offered days and nights, on-campus, online, or a hybrid of the two.

Our manufacturing and machining school is designed to cater to hardworking individuals who are motivated to continue their education and land the careers of their dreams.

  1. There is a variety of specialties within the field.

When you decide to enter the field of manufacturing, there are a number of paths you can choose to take. This translates to more opportunity! Goodwin graduates can pursue careers in:

  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Supply Chain
  • Logistics
  • Welding
  • Production
  • Manufacturing Management (i.e. supervisory positions)

There are a variety of jobs ready for you once you have completed school and obtained certifications. With a degree in manufacturing management, for example, some of those career options include:

  • Facilities Supervisor
  • Tool Designer
  • Inspection Supervisor
  • Inventory Manager
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Production Planner
  • Quality Manager
  • Safety Supervisor
  • Shipping & Receiving Supervisor
  1. There is great salary potential.

Especially in management positions, but in every career path you encounter, there will be room for growth. As more manufacturing workers retire, you will find great upward mobility in the field. And even if you are just starting out, you can expect a comfortable salary in manufacturing. In Connecticut, manufacturing professionals make an average of $96,279 per year today.

The seven reasons listed above are reasons enough to join this booming field. If you would like to learn even more about the manufacturing programs at Goodwin University, or to launch your career as soon as possible, do not hesitate to reach out. Call 1-800-889-3282 today.