The Perks of Public Safety Training

Disaster and tragedy can strike without warning. In these times of trouble, leaders and heroes step forward to bring order to the chaos. Here at Goodwin College we educate such professionals — those who run towards the danger, who put the lives of others ahead of their own. By enrolling in our Public Safety and Security program, you will be prepared to make a life-altering difference during times of need.

A career in public safety means a consistent effort to protect the public and keep society safe. A branch of the criminal justice major, public safety is designed for individuals who aspire to further their careers as law enforcement officers and first responders.

If you want to be a leader, a hero, and are ready to make a difference, a public safety degree may be for you. With a public safety degree, you can work in a variety of organizations such as emergency management agencies, police agencies, fire departments, or rescue squads. You may also work with private agencies or on college campuses to protect smaller communities against crime.

Goodwin’s bachelor’s public safety training program emphasizes the development of professional skills and knowledge of Public Safety, which include grant writing, risk assessment, research methodology, policy analysis, and safety and security planning. You will learn and apply the skills associated with evidence-based decision making.

Among numerous other skills, students who complete Goodwin’s public safety training program will be able to recognize ethical issues in public safety and security fields, and how to address those problems. They’ll know how to identify and explain problems, and how to apply analytical skills in policy analysis and demonstrate strategic planning. They’ll learn to identify sources and analyze data. And they’ll learn how to defend the importance of evidence-based decision making.

If you envision yourself working in a career where you will protect people from danger and keep them out of harm’s way, join the prestigious ranks of law enforcement and Public Safety professionals and play a vital role in society. Goodwin College will prepare you for a career that is both personally rewarding and of critical importance to the community.

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