Homeland Security Internships to Put on Your Radar

If you are pursuing a homeland security degree, you know that developing practical skills is best done through hands-on, experiential learning opportunities. And there’s no better way to develop those skills as part of a comprehensive criminal justice degree program than an internship!

After all, homeland security is a specialized field, with those looking to protect and serve requiring the right training and education to get the job done and uphold a high level of public trust. And the opportunities provided through in depth homeland security internships are an important part of developing those skills.

And beyond homeland security, there are a variety of fields open to someone looking to break into the criminal justice field. Career options for protectors include: border protection; computer security; corrections; customs; cybercrime investigation; the Drug Enforcement Agency; emergency management; environmental science; fire science; first responders; immigration and customs; law enforcement; public health; and security. In fact, Goodwin College has six public safety and offering certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees:

Students in Goodwin’s various criminal justice programs have participated in student internships with the American Red Cross; Cheshire Correctional Institute; Community Court at Hartford; Community Partners in Action; Connecticut Adult Probation; the Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security; the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection; the Department of Health; fire department; police departments; and the CT court system.

“My experience at my internship was spectacular and surpassed my expectations,” Homeland Security student Dominique Henriques said of her internship at the Connecticut Judicial Branch. “My site supervisor was wonderful and encouraged me.”

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