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Public Safety Degree Program FAQ

So you’re looking to pursue a public safety degree. Perhaps you’re already working in the field, and seeking to advance your career. Or maybe you are working in a completely different field, but wish to switch career paths, serve your community, and protect the greater good. No matter where you land, a public safety degree program could be your ticket towards a rewarding career.

Making the decision to start any degree or certification program is a big step. You’ll want to know what to expect before diving in. That is why Goodwin has created this guide, answering all of your questions about our public safety degree program – and all its facets – in Connecticut.

What kind of degree or certification should I pursue?

The choice to join the ranks of law enforcement is a bold one that requires strength, determination, and a knack for leadership. Disaster and tragedy can strike at any given time. Our country needs brave men and women who are willing to head towards danger and protect the lives of others. By enrolling in a Public Safety and Security program, like the one offered at Goodwin College, you are making a life-changing decision to make a real difference in the world.

Goodwin’s public safety degree program offers various levels of education. The bachelor’s public safety degree will help prepare you for exciting, advanced careers in the fields of criminal justice, public safety, and homeland security. It even qualifies you for highly-desired, federal positions – such as a DEA agent or Immigration officer – which often require a bachelor’s degree. This specific program focuses on the development of professional skills and knowledge of Public Safety. Students work on:

  • Grant writing
  • Risk assessment
  • Research methodology
  • Policy analysis
  • Safety and security planning

This level program is interdisciplinary, meaning students can choose to advance through a traditional bachelor’s degree program, following either a Criminal Justice or Homeland Security Track.

What courses are offered as part of the Public Safety and Security Degree programs? 

In a public safety degree program, you can expect to cover all facets of crime, justice, law enforcement, safety, and security. Some of the courses offered in the bachelor’s degree curriculum (depending on whether you choose a Criminal Justice or Homeland Security path) include:

  • Investigative Reporting
  • Cross-cultural Psychology
  • Criminal Procedures
  • Criminal Law
  • Juvenile Justice in America
  • Criminology
  • Introduction to Homeland Security
  • Introduction to Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Domestic and International Terrorism
  • Emergency Planning: Response, Preparedness, and Testing for Critical Incidents
  • Principles of Personal and Physical Security
  • Public Policy Analysis

Students in the Public Safety bachelor’s program at Goodwin College are also required to pursue an in-field internship in a nearby institution or department. This allows them to gain hands-on training in their career path, which is highly sought after among employers today.

What jobs can you land with a public safety degree program?

Once you have earned your degree or certificate in public safety, you will be prepared to protect the general public from harm and keep your community safe. Some of the careers available upon completion of a public safety bachelor’s degree, for example, include:

  • Computer Security
  • Corrections
  • Customs and Border Protection
  • Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Drug Enforcement Agency
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Science
  • First Responders
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement
  • Law Enforcement
  • Commercial or Personal Security
  • Transportation Security Administration

What are the skills I will acquire?

The skills you will develop in a public safety program go well beyond the basics of math and science from your days in high school. With the help of a career-focused school, like Goodwin College, for example, you will be able to:

  1. Prepare and deliver professional oral presentations and concise written communications, such as investigative reports.
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of a diverse workplace and multicultural society.
  3. Demonstrate skills related to grant writing, policy analysis, risk management, and research.
  4. Recognize ethical issues in public safety and security professions, and further apply a framework for addressing them.
  5. Collect data and apply analytical skills in your work.
  6. Explain and demonstrate strategic planning and policy development.
  7. Articulate an awareness and understanding of the varied roles, relationships and responsibilities in public safety and security.
  8. Defend the importance of evidence-based decision making in public safety and security.

How long does the program take to complete?

The length of a program will depend on your school, your certification or degree, and your personal schedule or time commitment. It will also depend on whether or not you are transferring credits over from another school or program. A Bachelor’s Degree for Public Safety and Security at Goodwin, for example, requires a total of 121 credits. The major core classes account for 42 of those credits, 46 credits account for general education, and the remaining 33 credits account for electives. Students starting fresh can complete this program in 4 years full-time.

What are the flexibility options?

We understand you have enough going on, between work, family, and personal interests. With a flexible public safety college, students may choose to study part time and on their own schedule. Classes at Goodwin are offered both part- and full-time, on both days and evenings, on-campus, in a standard 15-week format.

What are the prerequisites for Goodwin’s public safety program and how do I apply?

Goodwin’s Public Safety program has fair and straightforward requirements for admission. Applicants must:

  • Submit an application for admission to the college
  • Sit for an interview with an admissions officer
  • Submit a non-refundable $50 application fee
  • Arrange to take the College Success® on-site placement evaluation prior to registration
  • Submit proof of immunizations

Students with previous college credits or a degree must send their official college transcript to Goodwin. 

Didn’t see your question posed here? Goodwin College representatives are available for conversation. Contact us at 800-889-3282 or visit us online to find out more about our Public Safety degree!