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The Benefits of a Part-Time Nursing Program

Now more than ever, registered nurses have one of the most impactful and respected roles within the healthcare system. Nurses have the unique opportunity to help people in times of need, also making it one of the most rewarding careers out there today. And this is just the beginning. Registered nurses currently earn more than $73,000 annually, on average — and over $83,000 per year in Connecticut.

Due to the high reward that comes with a nursing career, many people assume that it takes years to get into this role. In reality, becoming a registered nurse does not require significant time in medical school. Today, you can become a licensed RN in just two years or less.

One of the greatest benefits of the nursing career path is flexibility. Specifically, flexible work schedules and flexible nursing school options. The best nursing schools today offer a range of scheduling formats for students, allowing those who are already working, or managing a family, the chance to go back to school. At Goodwin University, nursing students are given:

  • Day and evening course options
  • Day, evening, and weekend clinical schedules for associate degree students
  • Fully online classes to complete a BSN or MSN degree
  • Full-time or part-time nursing program options for all degree levels

Full vs. Part-Time Nursing Programs

You be here now as you are debating between a full-time and part-time nursing program. A full-time nursing program generally requires that you commit to at least 12 hours of classes per week. This does not account for the added time needed to complete assignments or study for exams. Part-time nursing programs, on the other hand, enable you to take just one to three classes per week.

The benefit of a full-time program is that you can complete your nursing degree relatively fast. The more hours you put in initially, the quicker your coursework will be. The downside of a full-time nursing program, however, is that it disrupts your ability to work a full-time job, and may require a greater financial investment upfront. What about part-time nursing programs, you ask?

Part-Time Nursing School Benefits

We’ve talked about the benefits of an online nursing school before, but what are the reasons one might pursue a part-time nursing program?

1. You can still complete your degree quickly.

Many people think that a part-time nursing degree means a much longer investment in nursing school. However, with part-time nursing classes, you still have the availability to complete your degree on a typical schedule. For example, through Goodwin’s nursing school, you can complete:

  • An associate degree in Nursing in as few as 20 months part-time
  • A RN to BSN degree in as few as 16 months part-time
  • A Master’s in Nursing (MSN) in as few as 20 months part-time

With the ability to complete your associate degree in Nursing, you can become a Registered Nurse in less than two years’ time. Or, if you are already licensed as an RN and considering a BSN degree, you can go back to school and complete your bachelor’s completely online, in just 16 months part-time.

2. You can still balance your career, and other obligations.

Most people who choose to pursue a part-time nursing program due so to maintain their current career. With a part-time class schedule, you can still work a full-time job. If you are currently working in healthcare, this gives you the unique opportunity to continue building your patient care skills, while working towards your nursing degree.

If you are a mother or father, or have other obligations at home, you may also benefit from a part-time schedule. Many of Goodwin’s students love this aspect of our nursing school. As Zoey Walker, a BSN graduate, explains, “I’m a mother of 7; I work 7 days a week; and I was able to graduate the program with honors.” Another nursing graduate, Jaime Aniskoff, agrees:

“Balance was key when attending a school for nursing and Goodwin college made it possible.  I was able to work fulltime, attend clinicals, study and care for my family.”

3. Part-time classes are often more affordable.

This may seem obvious but, generally speaking, the more classes you take, the more you can expect to spend. Full-time classes mean more classes each semester, and therefore, higher payments each semester. With a part-time program, these costs are spread out over a longer period of time.

Additionally, most part-time nursing students continue to work while going to school. This allows them to be financially independent, and decreases financial burden (such as student loan payments) long-term.

At Goodwin University, students know the costs of tuition upfront. Whether you choose a part-time or full-time schedule, you will know the costs of your nursing degree prior to your first class. Goodwin University also offers one of the lowest tuition costs for private, nonprofit nursing schools in the state.

To learn more about the different nursing programs at Goodwin University, please do not hesitate to call 800-889-3282 today. You have the capacity, the flexibility, and the support needed to become a nurse.