3 Organizational Leadership Careers You Can Attain with a Master’s Degree

In a competitive workforce, flexibility is key. That’s why a Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) is an excellent choice for driven individuals. An MSOL degree is a career-building move that provides tangible and diverse results, giving you the skills you need to rise in a variety of workplace settings.

From industries including corporate, education, manufacturing, nonprofit, state and federal leadership, an MSOL can foster your organizational leadership career. In what specific roles could you excel? Well, that depends on your personal strengths, interests, and goals! With a flexible degree like a Master’s in Organizational Leadership, you could launch into a future at any of the following positions:

Human Resource Manager

The management of human resources concerns the biggest asset of your company, organization, or non-profit: its employees! Given this, it makes sense that the Harvard Business Review identified the most positive strength of good HR leaders as their eagerness and ability to develop and coach others. More highlighted skills in this arena are building positive relationships and role modeling. Human resource managers must also possess a heavy dose of empathy and a strong moral code, especially because they deal with hiring, training, and letting go of employees, distributing sensitive information like benefits and compensation, and using knowledge of labor laws.

With an MSOL curriculum that includes “Talent and Performance Management” as well as “Negotiating and Conflict Response,” Goodwin College courses are geared to prepare the next generation of HR professionals. Luckily, the management of a company’s best asset is richly rewarded: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for human resource managers in 2017 was $110k!

Marketing Strategy Executive

If you are interested in marketing, you know that how you represent your place of business to the public is paramount to its success. Mapping out and adhering to a well-thought-out marketing plan is the number-one most important communications lesson. This includes providing consistent brand language, following a clear outreach strategy, and carefully considering a SWOT analysis. As Financier Worldwide reports, “…an effective marketing strategy can serve as a crucial road map for the entire business.” By these means, it’s no surprise that MSOL degree holders can be critical players in marketing management.

Though marketing professionals carry out the work of this niche subject, it is actually the executive suite, or a company’s senior management team, that collaborates on marketing strategy before its implementation. Marketing-minded organizational leaders rejoice: there could be a seat at the creative table for you, to the tune of $97k on average. Additionally, creative marketing strategy is necessary in every industry, so no matter whether you’re into non-profit, government, or business work, you can cater your MSOL degree strengths to the environment you prefer.

Higher Education Administrator

Leadership in higher education is a constantly shifting and sometimes politicized field. Therefore, upper management is often in need of clear-minded, confident, and inspiring organizational leaders! A few key areas that The Guardian identified as desirable merits of good higher education leaders include:

  • Creating development opportunities to keep educators challenged and appropriately compensated
  • Being proactive in improving workplace diversity, and
  • Attracting other experienced leaders to the institution

MSOL courses at Goodwin College like “Leading Organizational Change” give aspiring higher education leaders the background that is necessary to manage complicated University hierarchies. If you are passionate about learning, and you want to work in a scholarly and research-centric environment, consider applying your MSOL degree to a career in higher education leadership. Postsecondary education administrators can make $92k on average annually, and it’s no surprise that the job outlook here is growing faster than average.

From just a few options, it’s clear that an organizational leadership degree can give you a versatile asset in your job hunt. Endorse your personal skills with a master’s degree and land the job you would love, in the industry of your choice! Contact the Goodwin College admissions team with questions by calling 800-889-3282, and allow yourself to start dreaming of your future in full color.