Online Master’s Programs You Can Pursue at Goodwin College

Let’s face it, it is a competitive and ever-evolving job market out there. So, the more you can do to keep your professional skills up to date and relevant to make yourself stand out, the better. There are several things you can do to stay valuable in the job market – joining professional organizations or associations, attending networking events within your industry, undergoing professional training or certificate programs, and lastly, advancing your degree with a master’s program.

Many people looking to move upwards in their career – whether in title, salary, or responsibility – will consider a master’s degree. And, thanks to technology, online master’s programs (like the ones offered at Goodwin College) are now more accessible and attainable than ever before.

Goodwin College offers two online master’s degree options – a Master of Science in Nursing degree and a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL). Both of these master’s programs are designed to help individuals take their careers to the next level and to stand out in the competitive job landscape. Even more, they are designed with the ambitious, yet always-busy or already-working students in mind.

The MSOL and MSN programs at Goodwin College boast flexible scheduling options, so that those with other priorities (work, family) are still able to earn a master’s degree. For convenience, both master’s degree programs are offered entirely online. Our MSOL courses are also offered in hybrid online and on-campus formats, allowing students the option to create the curriculum that fits best with their needs.

Our Online Master’s in Nursing Program

Goodwin’s online Master’s in Nursing, or MSN degree, program is a great option for registered nurses who want to advance their skillset and continue moving up the ranks in the healthcare system. This online master’s program combines both nursing and population health, broadening professional nurses’ knowledge, perspective, and capacity to serve larger populations and demographics in need. It also prepares aspiring nurse leaders for management and supervisory roles, such as a Nurse Administrator.

As noted above, our MSN program has flexible scheduling options, as coursework can be completed fully online in as few as 20 months part-time. This allows professional RNs to continue working and providing high-quality patient care, while also growing their nursing skills. The robust online curriculum covers evolving topics such as Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Leadership Practices, Research, Policy, Politics, and the organization of healthcare – All of which are key to advancing the quality of patient care.

Our Online Master’s in Organizational Leadership

Similarly, Goodwin’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership, or MSOL degree, program offers flexibility and convenience for working adults looking to advance in their careers, by standing as a fully (or partially) online master’s program. For those who aspire to achieve management and leadership roles – whether non-profit, government, manufacturing, education, or corporate – Goodwin’s MSOL program is a great path to take in earning competitive edge and climbing that ladder.

This online master’s degree program offers the skills, education, and experience needed to become an effective leader in ever-changing workplace. Graduate students take courses in subjects such as ‘Leading Organizational Change,’ ‘Talent and Performance Management,’ ‘Data-Driven Decision Making,’ all of which lead students towards their career goals. Other online MSOL classes cover topics such as strategic advantage, operations management, conflict response, and coaching/mentoring. In addition to online flexibility, these classes are offered in an accelerated 7 ½ week format, allowing students to finish their master’s degree faster.

Both of Goodwin College’s online master’s programs will help you get to where you want to go and reach your professional goals. To learn more about our competitive online master’s programs, call 800-889-3282 or visit us online at