Is Going to Nursing Graduate School Worth It?

You probably already know the answer to this question. After all, you’re a nurse working in the field, so you’ve witnessed how a master’s degree can be an asset to career growth. It’s the ticket to leadership and advanced roles. It’s the degree that separates the NPs, the executives, the educators, from the RN nurse. But what you’re not sure about, is “how” could an MSN degree be the right move for you? How exactly could an MSN impact your life? How will this investment pay off? You’re considering the present, the near, and the far future. It’s a lot to think about! Is going to nursing graduate school going to be worth it? The answer is a simple yes. Again, how? Let’s lift that fog with some real answers.

How will my nursing skills be valued with an MSN?

The MSN degree is becoming increasingly important as our population ages and our healthcare system emphasizes managed care, prevention, and cost efficiency. As hospitals and healthcare centers have a high demand for well-educated practitioners, new jobs will continue to be created. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that by 2026, the healthcare and social assistance sectors will add nearly four million jobs to the labor force, which is approximately one-third of all new jobs created! That incredible projection should give you full confidence that earning an MSN has long-term value. The nursing field is simply exploding— why shouldn’t you be at the center of the action?

How could my career options improve with a MSN?, an online education resource dedicated to helping nurses explore information about career development, describes all the job possibilities that are open to qualified nurses. With a Master’s in Nursing, nurses can enter a variety of clinical roles, such as Nurse Practitioners (NP), certified Nurse-Midwives (CNM), Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs), or Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNS). Often with an MSN, nurses can select a specialty such as population health, family medicine, neonatal nursing, pediatrics, mental health, or women’s health. There are also many nonclinical possibilities for nurses with their Master’s, including nursing administration, teaching, research, health policy consulting, and nurse leadership. Nursing graduate school can open these career doors for you.

How much will graduate nursing school cost me, and what are my financing options?

Here’s the up-front consideration of cost. At a school like Goodwin College, the master’s tuition rates are remarkably affordable in comparison to other programs nationwide. Tuition and fees for the 2017-18 year in Goodwin’s MSN program is set at $24,750, and most students apply for a combination of grants and scholarships, student loans, and work-study to help pay for nursing school.

How much could I make once I earn my MSN?

The salary potential for MSN-holders is often superior to that of RNs with an associate degree, BSN, or a hospital program diploma. reports that the average RN earns around $64k, while those with MSN degrees earn on average $84k. Pay rates vary across the country, due to location, institution, specialization, experience, and other factors, however the $20k difference expressed in this national average here is crystal clear. In approximately one year, with a position achieved thanks to your MSN, you may almost offset the cost of your master’s degree with earned income!

How will nursing graduate school fit into my adult life, now?

The answer to this question is two simple words: online learning. Many people are in a very different situation when they apply to a Master’s in Nursing program than they were when they entered their undergraduate program— and this roadblock called “real life” can feel like a true obstacle between you and your goals. With a flexible, on-your-own-time structure, you can continue to work full-time while completing your MSN online at Goodwin College. You can also complete your master’s degree part-time in as few as 20 months. The ability to continue to work while going to school also helps take off some of the financial pressure of investing in your education.

How will an MSN degree help me make an impact on my field?

According to a 2017 announcement by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, RNs who enter master’s degree level programs in nursing contribute to the American healthcare spectrum in a big way. With more education comes less error: lower mortality rates, fewer mistakes made in administering medications, and better-quality health improvements from medical treatment. These proven results are all linked to nurses who have obtained a higher level of education. Earning a Master’s in Nursing is taking the future of healthcare into your own hands and assuming the exciting responsibility to be a positive member of this industry.

So, we’ve arrived back at that first question: Is going to nursing graduate school worth it? Well, now that you can see the complete benefits of a Master’s degree in Nursing more clearly, we’ll leave the answer hanging in the air for you.

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