Which Manufacturing Training Program is Right for You?

Manufacturing is an ever-growing industry. If you are considering a career in manufacturing, know that the opportunities for qualified workers are great. Today, there are an estimated 17.6 million manufacturing jobs in the United States, and over 2.2 million more are expected to open up within the next six years.

The job opportunities in manufacturing are abundant—skilled workers, on the other hand, are not. Currently, as many as 500,000 manufacturing jobs are unfilled due to a lack of qualified workers.

Manufacturers need workers who can keep up with the progressive, changing state of the industry. They need individuals who are trained in modern technology, who understand contemporary demand, and who have developed the necessary skills and credentials to succeed.

The shortage of qualified workers is making it so that most manufacturers today require a combination of on-the-job training and the completion of a certification or degree program. If you want to advance in today’s manufacturing industry, you must be ready to take the next step in your education.

There are many paths you can take within the manufacturing field, especially when you start that path at Goodwin College. Our manufacturing and machining school offers an extensive array of programs within the field. Let’s take a look at our top five thriving manufacturing training programs.

Manufacturing Management

In this Bachelor’s degree program, you will learn many leadership skills, including the supervision of manufacturing processes, the management of human and mechanical resources, and the assurance of lean manufacturing processes. You will gain a deeper understanding of all fields of manufacturing, including operations management, logistics, green manufacturing, production planning and control, and more. Earning your manufacturing management degree can lead you to many managerial or executive roles within the industry, such as Safety Supervisor, Production Planner, and Quality Manager.

Quality Management Systems

Quality Management Systems is an associate’s degree program that offers students great skills and knowledge in the fundamentals of manufacturing, as well as the principles and processes of the industry. In this manufacturing training program, you will learn quality inspection techniques, calibration, statistical process control, as well as how to interpret engineering blueprints. With this degree, you can earn titles such as Quality Controller, Quality Auditor, and Quality Technician.

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

If you are looking for a career that involves manufacturing processes from start to finish, you may consider pursuing a Supply Chain Management degree. In this training program, you will work directly with the supply, inventory, packaging, and distribution of goods. You will learn the skills necessary to plan manufacturing processes, purchase materials, maintain inventory, and ensure the distribution of goods to consumers. With a team, you will work to improve warehouse and supply chain operations.

CNC Machining

CNC machining is available at both certificate and associate degree levels at Goodwin College. No matter what program you choose, you will gain a deeper understanding of manufacturing processes, materials, and mathematics. You will develop advanced skills in Mastercam, learn how to create technical drawings, as well as have hands-on access to our latest CNC milling and turning machines.

Green Manufacturing

A popular manufacturing course at Goodwin, Green Manufacturing provides students with a great knowledge base of safe, clean, and lean technologies used within the field. The focus of this course is to preserve and restore environmental quality and a green working environment, by showing students sustainable practices and green resources that can be leveraged within the field of manufacturing. Through this course, you will not only prepare for the green workforce of the future, but also meet the demand of current manufacturers who value lean and green manufacturing processes.


There are many paths you can take within the manufacturing field. You can specialize in one particular industry or train in multiple areas of manufacturing. You can earn a certification, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree in the field. No matter which path you decide to take, no matter what manufacturing training program you choose, an education from Goodwin College can give you the skills and hands-on experience you need for a successful manufacturing career.

Whether you are starting your career or already work in the field, Goodwin College’s manufacturing training programs can prepare you for an industry driven by technology, innovation, and creativity. Learn more or contact us to get started.