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What Can You Expect from Leadership Training Program in Graduate School?

Making a change in your career, life goals, or simply your lifestyle can be equally invigorating and scary. However, leaping into a leadership training program can help you recognize the revitalizing moment when you realize you’ve made an excellent commitment to advance your career. A graduate leadership program—and particularly an MSOL degree—can help you grow from an employee into a boss more quickly and efficiently than gaining hands-on work experience alone. Your MSOL credentials will speak to HR officials and executives seeking fresh talent for the nation’s most cutting-edge jobs. How can a leadership training program help transform your trajectory? There are more ways than one.

Leadership Training Equates to Leadership Skill Building

In a Harvard Business Review interview, Professor Linda Hill speaks about leadership training and its importance in the digital age. Customer experience is king in today’s competitive business world, and it’s often “softer,” more emotional skills that drives innovation in this area. She also comments on how important it is for organizations—and their leaders—to be agile and adaptable. More data-driven and quantitative skill sets will always be important, but more and more leaders are agreeing that the top skillsets for success and achievement are:

  • Adaptability
  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Comfort with ambiguity
  • Digital literacy

The most intriguing comment Professor Hill made about this list, is that these skills are learned, not inherited. In the discipline of leadership today, listening is more important than ever. Engaging with colleagues of various ages and diverse walks of life presents good challenges.

Emotional intelligence also ranks more importantly as a successful leadership quality today. Since the conflation of work life and home life during the COVID-19 pandemic, employees are measurably more apt to express themselves, share, and expect a certain level of understanding and acceptance from employers. The business of work has forever shifted away from “normal.”

A graduate leadership training program puts scholars in touch with a diverse student body, not to mention faculty, who bring rich experiences to one another’s learning journey. No wonder Leadership Practice in Organizational Communities and Data-Driven Decision-Making for Executives are core MSOL courses. These classes lead to a deep understanding of advanced and valuable leadership concepts.

Transparent Tuition; Affordable Cost

The research team at, which acts as a resource for teachers, students, policymakers, writers, and reporters, found that a master’s education in America costs a lot. Not just a lot, but in 2021, the average cost of a Master’s degree was $66,340. The range of cost typically lands between $30,000 and $120,000, and variances in price are differentiated by public vs. private tuition, major, and program length.

Goodwin University’s MSOL program is priced competitively with other private non-profit colleges in CT. Better yet, students know exactly where each dollar is spent, with Goodwin’s detailed and transparent MSOL Tuition breakdown. Tuition is $750 per credit. The 30-credit program costs $22,500 for non-Goodwin University undergraduates, plus additional fees (which are detailed ahead of time). A choice to be smart with your money and education has never been quite so obvious.

Time Well Spent

Most Master’s degree programs take two years. Goodwin University’s MSOL program can be completed in 20 months while studying part-time! Flexibility is key to our online or hybrid program’s design, which has your busy life in mind. No matter what else you’re juggling, whether that is family obligations, work, or something else, this program saves you not just money but also time.

Speaking of professions, less time spent in the classroom could mean more time gained in the workplace. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Management Occupations are projected to grow steadily by 9% between 2020 and 2030, which will increase the number of these jobs by almost one million. The earning potential for management occupations is impressive, with a median annual wage of $109,760 in 2020. Principals made on average, $98,490, while advertising and marketing managers made $141,490, administrative managers made $98,890, medical services managers made $104,280, and top executives made $107,680 annually. These job titles, and their associated salaries, represent just a smattering of the career options available to leaders with organizational management skills.

Amazing Outcomes

One of the best things about a master’s degree in leadership is that the sky is the limit for your career options. Excellent leadership transcends industry specifics so you can pursue your favorite environment with a valuable degree in hand. Goodwin MSOL graduates find work in industries as diverse as corporate, education, nonprofit, government, or manufacturing. To learn more about the rare advantages of Goodwin University’s MSOL program, visit us online, or give us a call at 800-889-3282.