What Makes a Quality Leadership School?

You’re an innovative thinker. A promising entrepreneur. You’ve got what it takes to be an effective leader in today’s competitive business world. But how should you best hone your skills to rise in the ranks of your organization, or best get your business dreams off the ground?

Everyone recognizes great managers and leaders when they see them. Chances are they were not born that way; they learned and developed over time. To become an effective leader in today’s market, you must have the skills necessary to stand out from the pack. You must be strategic, confident, and humble. You must be able to motivate others and foster a culture of creativity within your organization. You must know the ins and outs of business management to be a valuable asset to your company and their overall success. You can gain all this (and more) by attending the right leadership school.

Here are a few of the things you should look for when picking your leadership school:

  • They Teach the Skills You Need to Succeed

When selecting a leadership school, you should look for programs of coursework that will develop the exact skills you’ll need in the business world. With appropriate management and leadership training, you should learn to manage innovation, change, and talent development. You will also become experienced in the science of interpersonal skills — effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. A good leadership school should teach you the latest practices for communication; employee development; ethics; facilitating change; leadership; mentoring; supervision; and teamwork.

As part of an effective leadership training program—like that found with Goodwin College’s Management and Leadership degree—you should also develop the critical-thinking and decision-making skills that strong managers and leaders need. You should be able to evaluate your staff and programs, and be able to quickly and decisively identify where changes can be made to improve the overall health of the organization.

  • Flexible to Fit Your Life

Working full or part-time jobs and caring for their families, many students have very busy lives. You shouldn’t have to totally disrupt your life to hone your leadership skills; a good leadership school should be flexible to fit your life. At Goodwin, for example, you can complete your Leadership degree quickly without sacrificing a quality education. All of your core classes are offered in 7 1/2 week formats, so you can get twice the amount of coursework done in the same amount of time it would take you to complete one class at many other colleges. And for your convenience, our Management and Leadership classes are offered in hybrid and online formats.

And our admission officers can advise you on the best ways to apply transfer credits, prior learning, and work and military experience toward your degree. Our program, designed with you in mind, puts you on your way to graduation sooner than you imagined. That’s why — whether you are a degree completion student; a business professional working to enhance your skills; or a new student pursuing a career-focused education – Goodwin College’s bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership could be right for you.

  • Comprehensive Financial Aid Opportunities

When choosing a leadership school to help guide you towards your career future, you should absolutely keep cost in mind. But sometimes the initial price tag on a school can be confusing. Is that cost directly to me? Are there financial aid opportunities, like workforce partnerships, grants, and scholarships? The world of financial aid can be difficult to navigate, even for a business-minded individual. That’s why the best schools have staff on hand to help guide you—in person—to every financial opportunity available to you.

For example, Goodwin College awards more than $2 million annually to students. This assistance helps many students realize their dream of completing college. It is important to note that most Goodwin College students begin their coursework with little or no out-of-pocket expense. As part of our departmental scholars program, students taking three or more classes per semester who maintain a GPA of at least 3.0 are eligible to receive a scholarship of 30% off their tuition.

So if you’re looking to apply to Goodwin’s leadership school and become a business leader of tomorrow, contact Goodwin College at 800-889-3282 today!