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What Makes a Quality Leadership School?

You are an innovative thinker with an entrepreneurial brain. You have what it takes to become an effective leader in today’s highly competitive business world. Landing an executive or leadership career, however, can feel intimidating. Where do you begin? How can you hone your skills to rise up in the ranks of your organization, or get your business dreams off the ground? The answer is leadership school.

We all know great managers and leaders when we see them. Chances are they were not born that way; rather, they learned and developed their skills over time. Climbing the career ladder does not always happen overnight. One must invest in their education and build upon their experience before landing that top-level role.

The Business World, Post-Pandemic

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything about the business world, it is that it can be conducted from anywhere. This means that nearly anyone with a desk job can fulfill job demands, without the limitations of location. We have also seen businesses coping with loss after shutdowns and pandemic-related restrictions. For many organizations, this will result in selectivity and possibly smaller workforces in the future.

Despite the rollercoaster year we have experienced since the start of the pandemic, there is no doubt that business and leadership are (and will continue to be) solid choices for a career. After all, as long as we have a working economy with people who buy goods and services, we will have a need for competent business leaders. In fact, business fell among the top 10 highest-paying majors of 2019, according to PayScale.

Standing Out Among the Competition

In order to reach success in today’s market, with competition literally anywhere a computer is accessible, you must have the skills necessary to stand out from the pack. You must be strategic, confident, and humble. You must be able to motivate others and foster a culture of creativity within your organization. You must know the ins and outs of business management to be an asset to your company and their overall success. You can gain all this – and more – by attending the right leadership school.

Whether you want to boost your career within your existing organization, or launch your own business start-up, read on. Here are some considerations to keep top-of-mind when choosing a leadership school in Connecticut:

  • The Skills to Succeed

In your search for a quality leadership school, you should look for a curriculum that will develop the exact skills you’ll need in the business world. With the right leadership training, you will learn to manage innovation, facilitate change, and develop talent within a company. You will also become experienced in the science of interpersonal skills, as effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. A good leadership school will also teach you the latest practices for:

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Decision making
  • Employee development
  • Ethics
  • Facilitating change
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring
  • Problem-Solving
  • Supervision
  • Teamwork

In completing an effective leadership program—like that found with Goodwin University’s Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree—students can develop the very skills that strong managers and leaders need. Upon completion of your degree, you should be able to evaluate staff and programs, and be able to quickly and decisively identify where changes can be made to improve the overall health of the organization.

  • Flexible to Fit Your Life

Working full or part-time jobs and caring for their families, many students have very busy lives. You shouldn’t have to disrupt your life to hone your leadership skills. A good leadership school will be flexible enough to fit your life. At Goodwin, for example, you can complete the leadership program on your own timeline, without sacrificing a quality education. Our various leadership degrees all offer some level of flexibility.

For example, all of the Business Administration classes, at the associate or bachelor’s degree level, are offered days, nights, and weekends. These classes are also offered on-campus, online, and in a hybrid format. You may opt to take the accelerated 7 ½-week classes or standard 15-week classes.

The Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL degree), meanwhile, is offered entirely online. Or, you can take classes in a hybrid online/on-campus format if you prefer. Additionally, MSOL students have the opportunity to take accelerated 7 ½-week classes, and can complete their graduate degree in as few as 20 months part-time.

Goodwin University also has 6 class starts each year, so students can apply any time and the classes are more readily available. Our admission officers can advise you on the best ways to apply transfer credits, prior learning, and work and military experience toward your degree. Our leadership programs, designed with you in mind, can put you on your way to graduation sooner than you imagined. That’s why — whether you are a degree completion student, a business professional working to enhance your skills, or a new student pursuing a career-focused education – Goodwin University’s business and leadership programs could be right for you.

  • Comprehensive Financial Aid Opportunities

When choosing a leadership school to guide you towards your career future, you should always keep cost in mind. Sometimes, the initial price tag on a school can be confusing. Is that cost directly to me? Are there financial aid opportunities, like workforce partnerships, grants, and scholarships? The world of financial aid can be difficult to navigate, even for a business-minded individual. That’s why the best schools have staff on hand to help guide you—in person—and walk you through every financial opportunity available to you.

For example, Goodwin University awarded nearly $5 million to students in 2019. This assistance helps many students realize their dream of completing college. It is important to note that Goodwin has one of the lowest tuition costs for private, non-profit colleges in the state. And 92% of our undergraduate students received financial aid in 2019. We understand that college can be an overwhelming investment, which is why we offer students many choices when it comes to financial aid, including work-study programs to help pay tuition.

  • Long-Term Career Support

When you are searching for a great leadership school, you will want to find an institution that can offer you support. The Career Services Team at Goodwin University is dedicated to helping students find their dream gigs. Whether you need help with resume and cover letter writing, social networking opportunities, or practice interviewing, Goodwin’s team can help. They don’t rest until you are working in a career that you love. These services are included in tuition and offered to students and grads for life.

Are you ready to become a great leader of tomorrow? Contact Goodwin University to learn about our programs! Read out by calling 800-889-3282, or contact us online to request more information about our Master’s in Leadership degree and Business programs today!