Is Manufacturing a Good Career? Dispelling the Myths Around Manufacturing Jobs

Manufacturing is one of the most essential and influential industries in the United States. It is among the largest contributors to the U.S. economy and the fourth largest industry for employment. Currently, over 15 million Americans possess a manufacturing job. Job openings are rising in many states like Connecticut— yet manufacturing companies do not have enough skilled workers to fill them.

90 percent of Americans agree that manufacturing is the most vital industry for economic development and prosperity in the United States – and that manufacturing work is absolutely necessary to uphold our current standard of living. Without manufacturing, we wouldn’t have daily essentials like a toothbrush, laptop, cellphone, or a car to get around. Yet when many of us consider getting into this evolving field, we still ask ourselves, “Is manufacturing a good career choice?”

If you are asking this question, know that you are not alone. Manufacturing is a highly valued industry, yet it is often very misunderstood. Like many, when you think about manufacturing, you may think about your grandfather’s job in the ‘60s or dark, damp factory settings. You may think that anyone willing to work can get a job in the field. This misperception couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Today, manufacturing requires great skill, thought, precision, and creativity. It requires extensive training and education. Its workers are on the cutting edge of technology, working with cutting edge technology, and outputting some of the most advanced goods today. The future of manufacturing is here, and its calling aspiring innovators, designers, mathematicians, machinists, engineers, and technologically-driven minds to take the next step in their careers.

If you are still wondering whether manufacturing is a good career for you, read on. Below Goodwin College outlines the top reasons why manufacturing is a promising career choice in Connecticut.

  1. Manufacturing jobs are safe and efficient. Say goodbye to the ol’ days of nitty, gritty factory work that we had centuries ago. Manufacturing has moved away from hazardous workplace settings to some of the most high-tech, clean and green facilities out there today. Workplace safety standards are a high priority for modern employers, and automated processes are making manufacturing work much safer (and efficient) than it was in times past.
  2. You will be on the cutting edge of technology. Manufacturing has always been the first-to-know, first-to-use industry, but today’s manufacturing technology is more advanced than ever before. If you choose a career in manufacturing, you may work with 3D printers, state-of-the-art laser cutters, milling and turning machines, even drones could be part of the job description. In a manufacturing career, you will always be ahead of the curve.
  3. There is plenty of opportunity within the field. While production and assembly lines are one job path you can pursue, there is so much more to manufacturing than you might expect! Manufacturing careers range from computer programming to sales management, business development to technical writers, analysts, and designers. In Connecticut, you can find job opportunities in leading aerospace companies or work on the latest naval submarine. You can also find positions in woodworking, metalworking, computer numerical control, transportation and automobile, textile and fabrics, electrical devices, even food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. The types of manufacturing jobs, despite popular belief, are extremely diverse.
  4. Your chances of landing a great job are high. Today, there are more manufacturing jobs available than there are skilled workers to fill them. Employers are looking for people who are trained and prepared to start a manufacturing career – and those that have an education or certification are more likely to land a career. That is why when you choose to go to a manufacturing and machining school, you position yourself for great success and career potential. Career-focused manufacturing schools like Goodwin College maintain strong workforce partnerships with employers throughout the state, helping you easily transition from classroom to career.
  5. You get to solve problems, bringing ideas from concept to completion – not your typical desk job! Manufacturing is not your typical desk job. In this career, you have the ability to take something from an idea, drawing, or outline and turn it into a tangible, useable product. You use both your head and your hands in a manufacturing job—how many people can say that?
  6. You can earn a comfortable living. Many people think of manufacturing as a low-paying gig. As technology advances, and as jobs require more skill, pay has increased over the years. In Connecticut, the average annual wage of workers is $95,118, according to the CBIA.
  7. Manufacturing is a career of lifelong learning, with a lot of advancement potential. Manufacturing careers are not a “dead-end.” There is significant room to grow within the field. There will always be new certificates to earn, new training programs to pursue, and new positions within your place of work. If you start in welding and decide that you desire a research or planning role, that option is always available to you.

With all the myths about manufacturing, it’s no wonder you ask, “Is manufacturing a good career to get into today?” Our answer is undoubtedly yes. Manufacturing careers today are high-tech, high-paying, lean, clean, and green, and Goodwin College knows this firsthand. We partner with manufacturing employers throughout the state of Connecticut, offering programs designed to get you into this thriving workforce fast. Many of our graduates have secured careers in supply chain management, CNC machine programming, even safety supervision. Our manufacturing and machining school puts emphasis on hands-on training in all types of manufacturing jobs, preparing students for manufacturing careers in aerospace, metal work, computer numerical machining, medical device creation, and more.

Interested in landing a good manufacturing career? Start right here, at Goodwin College by calling 800-889-3282 or visiting us online to learn more.