3 Steps to a Medical Assistant Career

The healthcare industry is continuing to grow, and the time has never been better to pursue a career in medical assisting. With an aging baby boomer generation driving rising demand for healthcare professionals, medical assistants are in high demand. The medical assisting field is projected to grow 23 percent by 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a rate of job growth far in excess of the average career.

Medical assistants are the support system in every medical practice, healthcare clinic, and hospital, fulfilling a variety of activities that streamline the daily routine of physicians, nurse practitioners, and patients alike. So what do you need to do to pursue your medical assistant certification in CT?

1) Get the Training You Need to Stand Out

By joining a medical assistant program in CT, you are ready to learn the skills you’ll need to set yourself apart from other job seekers pursuing their medical assisting certification. Medical assistants work very closely with health care providers to ensure the timeliness and quality of a patient’s visit. They are one of the first faces a patient sees, and handle everything from obtaining vital signs, to helping with examinations, to handling patient records and history. A strong medical assistant program will help you learn exactly what you need to know to provide the best experience for those in need of care!

In Goodwin College’s medical assistant program, students learn a number of important skills, including how to:

  • Utilize medical terminology appropriately.
  • Describe the anatomy and physiology of the human body, as well as the related disease processes.
  • Describe legal and regulatory frameworks of healthcare as they relate to the Medical Assistant.
  • Demonstrate computer literacy skills.
  • Effectively engage in written and oral communication as demonstrated through charting and communication with patients and other health professionals.
  • Prepare patients for examination or procedures, and assist the physician with the examination or procedure.
  • Collect and prepare laboratory specimens, as well as perform basic laboratory testing.
  • Perform phlebotomy and other invasive specimen collection techniques.
  • Perform electrocardiograms and respiratory testing.

At Goodwin, these courses can be finished in as little as 12 to 16 months. And once you’ve completed your coursework, you’re ready for the next step in pursuing this rewarding career!

2) Earn Your Medical Assisting Certification

While it is not legally required to earn your medical assistant certification in CT, many employers show a strong preference for certified personnel. Certification earned by completing the Certified Medical Assistant Exam—the gold standard of professionalism in medical assisting—makes graduates of a medical assisting program stand out to employers. Certification tells potential employers that you meet the standards of ability and professionalism that they’re looking for.

At Goodwin, graduates of the medical assistant program are not only eligible to sit for the CMA exam, but also earn college credits that can count towards an associate or bachelor’s degree if they wish to pursue their education further.

3) Begin Your Job Search

The field is constantly expanding for medical assisting positions. Within the next decade, the field is expected to grow by nearly 160,000 positions. Although there may be many job openings for medical assisting positions, they key to landing the right one for you can be thinking outside the box. Don’t apply just at physician’s offices and healthcare clinics! Expand your search to include healthcare specialists like dermatologists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and more. These specialized fields are also in demand, and looking to hire certified medical assistants!

Goodwin students are also encouraged to take advantage of our great Career Services department, which helps place medical assisting internships across the state and find our graduates great positions after completing their certification. And Goodwin graduates are always welcome back to take advantage of these amenities once they graduate, no matter how long it’s been.

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