How Long Does It Take to Become a Medical Assistant?

Have you always dreamed of working in the healthcare system, but desire a career that doesn’t takes years and years of schooling just to get your foot in the door? Fortunately, there are many great healthcare career paths you can take that will get you working in your dream industry sooner than you might expect. Medical assisting is one of those flourishing, fast-track careers that can put you in the ever-changing and growing healthcare field faster than other healthcare jobs.

You are probably wondering, what exactly does “fast track” mean and how long does it take to become a medical assistant in reality? There are many different medical assisting programs available at all types of educational institutions, including universities, community colleges, vocational schools, technical schools, and private, career-focused colleges like Goodwin. Depending on the specific school, these programs can take between one year to two years to complete, which is about half the time it would take to become a registered nurse.

Goodwin College’s medical assisting program offers even more flexibility to aspiring medical assistants. Goodwin conveniently offers medical assisting courses that fit students’ schedules and needs—Classes are available on-campus, online, and in a hybrid format, allowing for students take classes when and where it works best for them.

How long does it take to become a medical assistant at Goodwin College? The associate degree program at Goodwin can take anywhere from 16 months to 20 months to complete, depending on the format of classes you choose to take and your availability to take classes. You may also consider enrolling in the certificate-level medical assisting program, which takes even less time. Through this short-term program, you can earn college credits and become a medical assistant in as few as 12 months.

Whether you pursue a medical assistant certificate or degree at Goodwin, you will have the option to take classes in a standard, 15-week format or at an accelerated, 7 ½ week pace, for a faster and more concentrated learning experience. There are six different class start dates throughout each year, so that students can conveniently enroll in classes on their own time.

Once you commit to a medical assistant program, the curriculum will prepare you for life as a Medical Assistant (MA). MAs are valued, reliable, and versatile members of any medical team. They work under the direction of physicians and are responsible for assisting with their practice in many different facets, including administrative and clinical duties. Therefore, the courses in the medical assistant training program are designed to give you the skills and knowledge needed to perform these many duties – measuring patient vital signs, performing EKGs, updating and recording patient records, scheduling appointments, preparing exam rooms, communicating with patients, coordinating billing, and filing insurance claims.

After you complete your MA program, you will become eligible to apply for the Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) examination and the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) examination. This certification will make you a more qualified medical assistant who can work in a variety of different settings and positions. Many of Goodwin’s MA graduates have gone on to obtain different roles in healthcare environments such as ambulatory care services, family medicine practices, hospitals, medical laboratories, outpatient care facilities, and walk-in clinics.

From ‘What are the responsibilities of a medical assistant?’ to ‘How long does it take to become a medical assistant?’ to ‘Where can I get a medical assistant job?’, Goodwin College’s knowledgeable staff can help you answer all of your medical assisting questions and start the fast journey to becoming a medical assistant in Connecticut. Contact Goodwin College today for more information by calling 800-889-3282 or visiting us online.