high paying career options with a masters in public health

What are the Highest Paying Public Health Careers?

Who says you can’t have a rewarding career serving and caring for your community, while still making a respectable salary? Working in the field of public health can be extremely fulfilling, both personally and professionally. On one hand, you can make a positive impact addressing critical public health issues that affect our communities. At the same time, you have the opportunity to make a very comfortable living. Those with a Master’s in Public Health, in particular, have exceptional earning potential. Here are some of the highest paying public health jobs that you can attain with an MPH degree.

 1. Epidemiologist:

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the role of an epidemiologist proved extremely valuable to our communities and, thus, the job outlook is extremely positive. These professionals have the important job of identifying and investigating patterns of diseases and illnesses. Epidemiologists also work to reduce disease, and other public health threats, within populations. They develop and direct programs to combat public health concerns, and communicate their research to policymakers and communities. Epidemiologists usually work at health departments for state and local governments, as well as hospitals and colleges. As of May 2020, the median annual salary for epidemiologists in the U.S. was $74,560, making this one of the highest paying public health jobs out there today. In Connecticut, epidemiologists make upwards of $89,000 per year.

2. Biostatistician:

Biostatisticians are a vital part of the public health team for our communities because they provide the data that is used to make important public health decisions. These professionals not only design experiments, but also collect and analyze data to be used as a basis for the planning and implementation of specific public health programs. Biostatisticians use statistics and mathematics to conduct important public health studies for populations locally and globally. These professionals typically work for the government, pharmaceutical companies, and private research organizations. Most public health programs are founded on the research conducted by biostatisticians, which makes this one of the highest paying public health careers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average pay for somebody with this skill set is $93,290 per year. In Connecticut, statisticians can expect to make over $98,000 annually.

 3. Sanitarians:

Sanitarians, also referred to as health and safety specialists, work out on the frontlines to collect and analyze the environments in which we live, work, and play. They use health surveys and safety standards to determine if these environments are safe for people, or need improvements. Sanitarians inspect different environments to make sure they remain compliant with safety and health regulations put in place by federal and local regulations. For example, they could run experiments and tests to analyze toxin and pollutant levels in an environment, and determine if they are a threat to the public. This high paying role requires a decent amount of travel and fieldwork, and these professionals work both in the public and private sector. The median salary for a sanitarian as of May 2020 was $76,340 annually, on average in the U.S. Connecticut, however, is listed as one of the highest-paying states for sanitarians, with an average salary of $86,590 per year.

4. Public Health Directors:

Out of the many great careers one can pursue with an MPH degree, a public health director is absolutely one of the highest paying public health jobs. This is because public health directors are responsible for overseeing and managing entire programs, organizations, and departments as they relate to public health. Not only does this role require technical skills in the field, but also exceptional leadership and communication skills. Public health directors are the leaders helping to orchestrate the many programs aimed to improve a community’s well being. They ensure that state and federal laws are being abided by. Fortunately, the job outlook for public health directors is on the rise, and the earning potential is even more promising. The median annual public health director’s salary in the U.S. as May 2020 was over $104,000. This figure can increase dramatically as well depending on the specific setting and environment you work in. Those working in the government sector have the highest earning potential. In Connecticut, one can expect to earn over $130,500 annually.

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