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How to Get into an Accelerated BSN Program

Nurses are the heart of our healthcare system. Our nurses care for their patients tirelessly and with the utmost sense of compassion. Whether you already work in healthcare, or the COVID-19 pandemic has inspired you to become a nurse, you may be looking to pursue a Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN). This can prove to be a great move to stay ahead of the competition. You may also be wondering how to get into an accelerated BSN (ABSN) program.

According to the American Association of Colleges in Nursing, Connecticut is working towards an 80% BSN workforce. Most healthcare employers today are placing a strong emphasis on BSN graduates. If you have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a different major, however, the idea of spending another four years in school can be daunting. This is where an accelerated nursing program can help.

An accelerated BSN program is made for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major from a regionally accredited college or university. This fast-track degree option can prepare you for a career in nursing — without any prior nursing experience — in less than two years! If this sounds like a path that would work for you, read on. Below, we will break down the high-level accelerated BSN prerequisites and what it takes to get into this type of nursing program.

Accelerated BSN Program Requirements

Before jumping into an ABSN program, you will want to be prepared. The prerequisites for an ABSN degree will vary by school. Typically, students are required to have a bachelor’s degree before applying for admission into this type of program. Your bachelor’s degree can be in any other field, even if it is unrelated to nursing or healthcare. However, the degree must have been earned from an accredited institution.

Sometimes, schools will require certain prerequisite coursework, grade point average, and transcripts for enrollment, before admitting students into an ABSN program. Prospective students looking to enter the ABSN program at Goodwin University, for example, must complete a checklist of items in order to be accepted, which includes science courses.

Before applying to Goodwin, you must first obtain a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing major from an accredited college or university. Other accelerated BSN requirements include:

  • Admission to the school itself. Applicants to the ABSN program must first meet the prerequisites for school admission and be accepted into the college or university.
  • Pass the exam being used for pre-admission. The costs and process of taking this exam varies by school. Read on to see how Goodwin students complete this step.
  • Earn a GPA of at least 3.0 or higher in your most recent course work (college). Complete Chemistry (CHEM 101) with a minimum grade of “C” before applying.
  • Complete two biology courses — BIO 211 and BIO 212, Anatomy and Physiology I and II — with a minimum grade of “C+” or better.

Hopeful ABSN students must also complete microbiology before entering the program at Goodwin.

All the above requirements must be completed before enrolling in Nursing 205, which will be the first of your core nursing classes.

It’s important to know that not all students who meet these accelerated BSN requirements can be accepted into the program. While Goodwin would love to accept every qualifying student, there is a limited number of spots available, so it is important to stay organized and begin the application process as soon as you are ready.

Steps to Take into Goodwin’s ABSN Program

When you are ready to start the process of earning your ABSN degree, you will want to take your plan and put it into action.

  • Apply to the school.
  • Complete the ABSN Program application.
  • Take the pre-admission exam. This test is administered off-campus and three times a year, in January, May and September. Students must cover the cost of this exam. This test may be taken, as needed, once per semester for a total of six

Additional Steps Before Starting the ABSN Program

After being accepted into Goodwin’s ABSN program, students must complete the following steps before starting their accelerated BSN degree.

  • Submit a $500 non-refundable tuition deposit in order to hold a place in the program.
  • Obtain your own malpractice insurance.
  • Become certified in Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) by the American Heart Association or the Red Cross
  • Submit a medical exam report by your physician, to ensure physical and emotional health.
  • All immunizations must be up to date, including the annual flu shot.
  • Submit a background check and drug screening.

The steps to get into an accelerated BSN program are thorough, as is the ABSN program itself. This challenging degree program will prepare you for a successful career in clinical nursing. It will equip you with the tools and skillset needed to become a great nurse, to deliver quality patient care, and to lead others in the greater healthcare system. Your work will make a difference in patients’ lives, and it will be well worth it once you have earned your degree, passed the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX) to become a licensed RN, and have begun your important work in the nursing field.

Are you interested in learning more about the ABSN program at Goodwin University? Visit us online or contact the Admissions Office at (800) 889-3282.