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What to Look for in a Greater Hartford Magnet School

Parents love the idea of having their children attend a magnet school – in addition to their many benefits, magnet schools give children the opportunity to attend a theme-based school with hands-on learning approaches. That said, parents searching for the best magnet school in the Greater Hartford area, may feel overwhelmed at times. From transportation to parent involvement, focal themes to the student-teacher ratio, and educational approaches to the academic success of its students, there are many things to take into account when choosing the right magnet school for your child.

Researching magnet schools in the Greater Hartford region of Connecticut can be streamlined when you know what to look for, and also what to ask. In this article, Goodwin outlines a few of the top qualities to seek out when researching Greater Hartford magnet schools.

Compatible learning approaches and curriculums:

First and foremost, it’s important to choose a school that is compatible with your child’s learning style. Magnet schools are unique in that they typically focus their curriculums around specific themes, such as Fine and Performing Arts or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). This is true for several of the magnet schools in Hartford, CT. Connecticut River Academy, for example, bases its early college high school curriculum around the theme of sustainability. Students take hands-on courses in areas such as environmental science and manufacturing, using sustainable technology and unique, outdoor learning experiences to support their education.

Having a theme-based curriculum allows students to focus on the things that interest them most, therefore engaging them with their education. Studies support theme-based magnet schools for the benefits they offer, including academic excellence and greater participation in school. So, when comparing the different Greater Hartford magnet schools, be sure to choose a school that best aligns with your child’s interests.

Classroom environment that facilitates growth:

For many students, academic success is just as much about the learning environment as it is the actual curriculum. This makes the classroom environment a huge factor when deciding which Greater Hartford magnet schools to consider for your child. Fortunately, a huge advantage of magnet schools in Hartford, CT and beyond, is the healthy student-teacher ratio (which means more individualized attention for your child). Furthermore, many Hartford magnet schools – like Connecticut River Academy and Riverside Magnet School in East Hartford – have state of the art classrooms and facilities at students’ fingertips. Riverside Magnet School uses technology that is specifically designed for young children, including Smart Boards and computers in every classroom, to help them engage in their education and encounter new learning experiences. Similarly, Connecticut River Academy provides teens with access to state-of-the-art technology in their courses, including collegiate level science labs and laptop computers for every student.

Convenient Location and Transportation Options:

Both Riverside Magnet School and the Connecticut River Academy are located in East Hartford, CT, which is only a short drive from Hartford and its neighboring towns. Connecticut State Department of Education’s Regional School Choice Office (RSCO) and CREC (Capitol Region Education Council) can help provide transportation for students who need transportation to and from school. If your child is of age or has the proper supervision, both Riverside Magnet and CT River Academy are conveniently located on CT Transit Route 87, for those who prefer to take public transportation. Regardless of your zip code in Connecticut, most magnet schools in the Hartford area will work with each family to help determine an efficient and safe transportation plan for each child.

One of the greatest things about having your child attend a magnet school in Greater Hartford is that you are instantly part of a larger community that works to ensure the school is just as much a good fit for your child as it is for you as a parent. Magnet schools prioritize parent and community involvement in part with students’ education. Hartford magnet school students, therefore, can benefit from the Greater Hartford community, while parents and families can benefit from getting to know one another as their children learn and grow.

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