What to Look for in a High School Magnet Program

Making the decision to attend a high school magnet program is a big step in helping set your teen up for future success. Once you have made this decision, the question then becomes what high school magnet programs are available to your child? There are several magnet high schools to choose from throughout Connecticut, so here are a few components you should keep in mind when deciding which program is the best fit for your teen.

Compatible Learning Themes:

High school is an imperative time period for your teens’ growth into adulthood. Therefore, it is important for your teen to feel inspired to learn by feeling connected to the subject matter presented to them. The curriculum for Magnet high school typically have specific themes that they are designed around. Connecticut River Academy, for example, follows the theme of sustainability, focusing on two areas of study: advanced manufacturing and environment studies. Both areas provide students with opportunities and experiences that teach them the importance of making decisions to ensure the well-being of all facets of life through diversity, awareness, and action.

Individualized Classroom Attention:

One of the biggest advantages of high school magnet programs is that students receive the attention they deserve in the classroom, because there is usually a healthy student-teacher ratio. At Connecticut River Academy, there are lower teacher-to-student ratios, allowing for more in depth, hands-on learning inside and outside the classroom. These small class sizes help to support The Habits of Mind methodology at Connecticut River Academy, which empowers students to not just reproduce the knowledge they are being taught, but also to develop a critical stance with their school work. This encourages students to think about how to act on the information they are given.

Post-Secondary Preparation:

One of the great qualities of high school magnet programs is that they set students up for success by preparing them for their post-secondary journey. Connecticut River Academy, for example, follows an early college high school model where students have the opportunity to earn college credits through Goodwin College during grades 11 and 12. This allows students to get an important understanding of college, both socially and academically, which helps to set a solid framework prior to them starting college.

Convenient Location and Commute:

You should consider high school magnet programs that are within a relatively short distance from where you live, and that are only a convenient commute or bus ride away for you and your teen. If you are in the Greater Hartford area, Connecticut River Academy is a great magnet program to consider. It is conveniently located on Riverside Drive in East Hartford, CT – only a short drive from Hartford and its neighboring towns. If you prefer to take public transportation, this high school magnet program is also conveniently located directly on CT transit route 87.

There are many different factors to consider when researching high school magnet programs for your teen. Attend one of Connecticut River Academy’s parent information sessions to learn how our magnet high school curriculum and learning model may be the right fit for your child.