Criminal Justice Skills: Planning for Your Future in Criminal Justice

If you’re interested in pursuing an in-demand career that allows you to serve and protect your fellow citizens, then you may have thought about attending courses at a criminal justice school. Those who are able to call themselves protectors possess qualities and criminal justice skills to match the job. But what makes a great protector?  What skills, qualities, and training should you have to pursue a career in criminal justice?

After all, there are a variety of fields open to you if you are looking to enter the criminal justice field. Criminal justice career options are expansive, including: border protection; computer security; corrections; customs; cybercrime investigation; the Drug Enforcement Agency; emergency management; environmental science; fire science; first responders; immigration and customs; law enforcement; public health; and security.

In the criminal justice field, it is your job to watch over and guard those in need. You should be someone who thrives in an environment that allows you to take action and make the right moves. Always cool under pressure and in a crisis, you need to have the courage to take charge of a situation. Ultimately, you’ll need more than gut feelings. You’ll need to be able to engage in critical thinking, making moral and ethical judgments provided by years of experience and informed by what you’ve learned in your criminal justice degree program.

Among the myriad skills required, you’ll learn computer literacy; interview techniques; research strategies; laws, as well as insights into the nature of crimes; and how to effectively write the reports necessary to maintain the balance of our criminal justice system. And to tie it all together, you’ll need interpersonal skills and patience.

We’ve previous talked about some of the most fascinating criminal justice courses that Goodwin College students can take, as well as the myriad criminal justice internship opportunities available for students to get real world experience. Goodwin has six public safety and criminal justice programs, offering certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degrees:

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