Healthcare Job Outlook: Now is the Time to Pursue a Healthcare Career

The healthcare job outlook, to say the least, is bright. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the healthcare industry is becoming the fastest growing industry and highest employment sector of the United States economy. So much, in fact, that the year 2015 set records in terms of industry growth: In 2015 alone, 474,700 healthcare careers were added to payrolls across the nation. And in 2016, the industry expanded by over 407,000 jobs.

If you are in the market for unwavering job security and a thriving career path, consider a career in the healthcare field. From hospital jobs to mental health facilities, nursing homes to diagnostic laboratories, job opportunities for aspiring medical professionals like you are flourishing in all different sectors of the industry.

Current Employment Statistics show that in 2016, approximately 73,500 jobs were added to physician’s offices alone; over 56,000 jobs were added to the offices of other healthcare practitioners. In addition, 2016 employment of medical lab professionals increased by 1,100 jobs, nursing caretakers by 2,000 jobs, mental health professionals by 4,700 jobs, and other residential healthcare professionals by 3,800 jobs. Overall, the number of healthcare jobs in ambulatory settings exceeded 250,000, while hospitals nationwide added over 133,000 employees in 2016.

The rising healthcare job outlook can easily be attributed to the exceedingly high demand for medical professionals. In recent years, federal healthcare insurance reforms have given more and more Americans access to the health services they need. All the while, a large and aging baby boomer population is demanding more and more medical attention. And in this day in age, medical technology is advancing fast – requiring more and more trained professionals to manage, monitor, and analyze it on the job.

This is just the beginning of a strong and steady job outlook for the healthcare industry. And even more, these high employment rates also may indicate a strong and steady career path for you. Within the next decade, experts predict that over 2.3 million jobs will be added for skilled medical professionals holding accredited healthcare degrees.

Because of its growing significance, the healthcare field is becoming more competitive for job applicants looking to land a great career. To get ahead, the Bureau of Labor Statistics typically recommends a form of postsecondary education for candidates, although those holding an Associate or Bachelor’s degree are more likely to stand out. For example, registered nurses holding a BSN degree will generally have better job prospects than those without.

We agree. As a career-focused college and leading provider of healthcare education in Connecticut, Goodwin College is in touch with healthcare employers state-wide. In fact, our healthcare programs are centered around what these very employers are looking for in job candidates: a balance of analytical, interpersonal, and technical skills; an apt for critical thinking and leadership; a natural compassion for others; a mix of classroom discovery, hands-on training, and clinical laboratory experience – the very components of our healthcare classroom curriculums.

If you would like to take the next step pursuing a healthcare career, know that there are many degree paths to get you there. At Goodwin College, you can take specific, skills-centric courses that will lead you right to some of the top healthcare careers today, including:

  1. Dental Hygiene
  2. Registered Nursing
  3. Ophthalmic Science
  4. Medical Assisting
  5. Health Science
  6. Respiratory Care
  7. Occupational Therapy
  8. Public Health
  9. Phlebotomy
  10. Social Work

With the positive job outlook and growing demand for healthcare services, there is no doubt that now is the time to begin a medical career. Now is the time to commence a prosperous future in the field of healthcare – for you as well as others around the nation. Why wait?

Whether you are a seasoned health professional or just beginning your career in the healthcare field, there is a place for you at Goodwin College. Advance your skill set and your career path by calling us today at 800-889-3282. You may also visit us online to learn more.