Goodwin’s College: Career Training Programs for a Workforce

Henry Ford once noted, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” At Goodwin College, dedicated educators and student support service providers work diligently to show students that indeed they can. Goodwin’s flexible degree programs are designed to serve learners at all stages of their educational journeys, with six class starts per year in regular 15-week and accelerated 7.5-week plans of study. Whether a student is pursuing a certificate, associate degree, or bachelor’s degree, Goodwin is widely recognized for its career and job training programs.

Goodwin’s career-focused degrees are created with input from employers who provide critical information on the needs of today’s workforce. With day, evening, weekend, and online class options, flexibility is a key component in building programs around the demanding schedules of hard-working students so that they can become sought-after employees.

Goodwin’s financial aid advisors work with students on the many ways of making their college education affordable. Students are provided with practical information on managing their commitments, including a wide range of scholarship opportunities. Goodwin awards millions of dollars annually in financial aid.

When students are ready to begin their job search process, a full-time Career Services team supports them with resume reviews, practices interviews, networking opportunities, career fairs, and related workshops. These services are available to all Goodwin alumni, even years after graduation.

At Goodwin College, students can succeed. That’s why we say, “For our students, it’s better here.”