What Leadership Training Courses Will Offer You

Looking to become a great leader?

Everyone recognizes great managers and leaders when they see them. Chances are they weren’t born that way; they learned and developed over time. A great way to develop those skills? Take accredited leadership training courses, and become a recognized great leader.

With management and leadership training, you will learn to manage innovation, change, and talent development. You will also become experienced in the science of interpersonal skills — effective communication is the cornerstone of all successful relationships. You’ll learn the skills that employers are looking for: communication; employee development; ethics; facilitating change; leadership; mentoring; supervision; and teamwork.

At Goodwin College, our leadership training courses can really help develop the skills you’ll need as a manager. Courses like:

Team Dynamics and Individual Skills

This leadership training course focuses on the organizational structure as it relates to individual and team contributions. The role of teams and their functions are explored to develop team-based skill sets for contemporary organizations. This course looks at team processes, development, diversity and conflict management within the team. Students will learn and practice techniques for setting group goals, creating safe environments, managing groups effectively and encouraging the formation of group identity. Students will identify ethical concerns relating to teams.

Leadership Theory and Practice in the Organization

The focus of this course is on contemporary leadership theories and the dual role organizational personnel find themselves in as followers, team members and leaders. This leadership class explores the dynamics and responsibilities of each role and the situational and ethical applications that may be encountered. Students will explore personal inventories and assessments to enhance self-awareness and personal leadership style. The leader’s role in the organization’s culture and ethics is examined

Organizational Ethics

This course focuses on the role of ethics in the organization and includes the study of ethical paradigms, the ability to make value judgments, think critically and apply sound problem-solving models to address ethical dilemmas within organizations.

Understanding Worker Behaviors

This course is designed to explore the variety of workplace structures that employees encounter and allows the participant to understand their worker preferences in structuring their work environment, whether as individual or team member, leader or follower. Developing a social perceptiveness to others’ actions in the work place fosters more effective responses to workplace challenges, allows finding better fits between worker styles and tasks, and creating positive work environments. Participants also explore several personality traits of the worker as well as emotional intelligence in the workplace. Students examine the ethical aspects of worker behaviors and their impact on the organization. This course includes the development of a written analytical piece on worker hindering behaviors and solutions via the use of case studies and student observations.

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