5 Qualities the Best RN to BSN Programs All Share

The thought of going back to school as an already-working RN can feel like a tedious task. You know that getting a BSN is the right move for your career, but there are so many BSN programs out there – how will you know which is right for you? You need something flexible, but also want the best of the best.

Top-level RN to BSN programs offer a high-quality education alongside a convenient course schedule for working nurses. Below, we outline some of the must-have qualities that the best RN to BSN programs all have in common – making them a viable option for those looking to advance their nursing careers.

 (1) The Flexibility of Online Coursework

Nurses are busy – we know that, and so do you! As an RN, you understand the crazy schedule that often comes with a nursing career. That is why you deserve an RN to BSN program that can work with your availability, rather than a program that you’d have to work around.

The best RN to BSN programs are not just located on Connecticut campuses, but offer the convenience of online distance learning, too. Wherever you are, you can log-on to listen to lectures, complete assignments, collaborate with peers and professors, and ultimately work towards your degree. Many nursing students prefer to pursue an online RN to BSN degree because they can customize their course schedule based on their individual needs. They can keep their career, take care of family obligations, and maintain a balanced life while advancing their education. BSN degrees are practically expected by health care employers today. So why not make it more convenient to pursue?

Through an online nursing school, students can also create their own learning environments and work how they work best – through visuals, audio, note-taking, what-have-you – all at their own pace. Nurses enrolled in Goodwin College’s online RN to BSN program, for example, can complete the coursework in as few as 16-months part-time. Goodwin College is a member of SARA and therefore extends our online RN-to-BSN program to residents of other SARA states.

(2) Accreditation

People define the best nursing programs as offering a high-quality education for students. But how do you know you are getting the best of the best? Accreditation is key when researching RN to BSN degree programs in Connecticut – it means that a given program has met or exceeded the academic standards established by a nationally-recognized educational or nursing organization.

Accredited nursing school programs position students for great success, academically and in their future careers. In fact, many employers will look at program accreditation when hiring their nursing staff. Not every nursing school offers accredited programs; only the best RN to BSN programs qualify.

If you are considering transitioning to a BSN degree at Goodwin College, rest assured that our RN to BSN curriculum, as well as nursing school policies, professors, and financial standing, have all been reviewed by an accrediting agency and have met high standards of excellence. Goodwin College in its entirety is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Our RN to BSN program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) 2016-2021.

(3) Continuing Education Opportunities

When you signed up to become a nurse, you signed up for a career of lifelong learning – whether that be through professional career advancement, advanced education, or active participation in the evolving medical profession. This is the nature of being a nurse and working in a constantly developing field. And it’s why so many nurses love what they do.

Just as the nursing field offers lifelong learning opportunities, we believe that RN to BSN colleges shouldn’t stop at the bachelor’s degree. If you would like to continue your education even further, to advance your career or nursing title, that option should always be within arm’s reach. The best RN to BSN programs, therefore, offer an additional pathway for students to continue onto an MSN degree program, if and when they wish.

(4) Lifetime Career Placement Services

The best RN to BSN programs want you to succeed in your nursing courses, but also in your endeavors beyond them. For this reason, these schools will come equipped with a Career Services team ready to help you prepare for job opportunities and find success after graduation. After the work you’ve put into your RN and BSN degrees, you deserve the job of your dreams. The right school will help you get there.

Not only does Goodwin College have a dedicated Career Services staff to help students with resumes, cover letters, interviews, applications, networking, and job placement— we also have an extensive network of health care employers that are ready to take you on in a BSN career. Our career placement services are free of cost, forever.

(5) Cost Effectiveness & Financial Assistance

When considering going back to school for a bachelor’s degree, many get nervous about the ancillary costs. This is completely normal. It’s important for you to know that the best RN to BSN programs are not necessarily the most expensive ones. In fact, the best RN to BSN programs should propel you into professional and financial success, not bog you down with unexpected debt. Look for an RN to BSN program that offers several routes of financial aid – grants, scholarships, loans – to help offset the cost.

Goodwin College has one of the lowest tuition costs for private, nonprofit colleges in the state of Connecticut. Our RN to BSN program is very affordable for aspiring BSN nurses, largely due to the flexibility of the program. At Goodwin College, you can get many types of financial aid assistance. (Most of our students do!) And, with our fixed tuition model, you will know the total cost of your BSN degree, start-to-finish, before you even begin classes. That means no unexpected student debt.

The best RN to BSN program for you will ultimately depend on your career goals and needs as a working nurse. You can learn more about Goodwin’s RN to BSN program by visiting us online or calling 800-889-3282.