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Finally, an Affordable, Online Leadership Master’s Program

Do you aspire to earn a master’s degree, so that you can advance within your career and land a leadership role? That’s great! There are many leadership master’s programs out there that can help you achieve your goals and get you where you want to go. But let’s look at the logistics and understand what a Master’s in Leadership would require on your end.

It’s no secret that earning an advanced degree comes with a cost, and in some cases, it can be extremely expensive depending on the specific educational institution. Fortunately, however, there are online leadership master’s programs available, making the tuition more affordable and the courses more convenient. These programs provide you with the flexibility you need without breaking the bank. Goodwin College is a top online leadership master’s program for exactly these reasons. Goodwin is one of the lowest cost, private, non-profit colleges in Connecticut. Here, the tuition for an online Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) is affordable and well worth the investment.

At Goodwin College, we are all about transparency—especially when it comes to tuition costs. We are upfront about the costs of all of our degree programs and courses, so there are no surprises along the way. Students can understand the full breakdown of the financial commitment they are investing in their education, all before starting the program.

Tuition for the online leadership master’s program at Goodwin College is competitive with other private non-profit schools in the state. The total estimated cost for new Goodwin students is just under $25,000 for 30 credits / 5 semesters – an extremely affordable tuition for an accredited master’s program. Previous Goodwin College graduates can expect to pay even less for the online leadership master’s program, as the total estimated tuition costs for those who have previously attended Goodwin is just under $20,000 for 30 credits / 5 semester.

Beyond the affordable tuition payments, there are also other variable costs to factor into the investment of an advanced degree. These added costs will most likely look different for each student, however, one common cost to consider is the cost of transportation. Fortunately, with an online leadership master’s program, all coursework can be completed in the comfort of your own home. This means there is no cost for the gas or miles that might otherwise accumulate driving to and from campus for class.

In addition to avoiding the cost of gas and wear-and-tear on a vehicle, there are also considerable cost savings in the amount time needed for commuting. The online component of Goodwin’s MSOL program allows for flexibility when it comes to completing coursework. Believe it or not, this flexibility actually makes it more affordable for those students who are already juggling work, school, and all of life’s other priorities. They say, ‘Time is money.’ Saving time by not having to commute or physically be in class during an exact scheduled time, means you have that time in your day to dedicate to your job. There is no need to leave work early or cut hours at the office short to race to class with an online master’s degree program. (This saves you a bit of stress, too!)

There are also financial assistance options always available to Goodwin students. These financial aid options include student loan payment solutions, as well as grants and scholarships that require zero payback. There are also work-study opportunities for those who qualify. Goodwin’s team of financial advisors will work with each individual graduate student to come up with an affordable financial plan that works for them, so they can comfortably and responsibly pursue their online leadership master’s degree.

If you want to take the first step towards pursuing an affordable MSOL program online, and come closer to achieving your career goals, do not hesitate to reach out. Contact Goodwin College today at 800.889.3282.