Yesenia Aponte

Yesenia Aponte: “Without Goodwin’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to continue.”

Goodwin student Yesenia Aponte calls the College her second home. “It’s so peaceful here, and everyone I’ve met is friendly and helpful,” Aponte stated.

Having transferred from another school, she expected working with the Admissions Office to be time consuming. “I thought the transfer process was going to be more complicated, but Goodwin made it easy.”

Aponte received her associate degree in Criminal Justice and is now enrolled in the Public Safety bachelor’s program.

As a mother of four, she didn’t expect to be where she is now. “I’m so thankful for the support I’ve received from my family and the Goodwin community. I have so many people behind me helping me reach my goals.”

Balancing education and family can be difficult, but Aponte credits the faculty for making it more manageable. “I even went through one of my pregnancies while I was in school,” she said. “Without Goodwin’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to continue.”

As for her future, Aponte is passionate about working with at-risk children. After subbing as paraprofessional for an autistic fifth grader, she knew she wanted a career that would allow her to make a difference in young lives.

“I want to help children get on the right track,” she stated. “A lot of kids act out because they need love and support. I want to give that to them.” She is especially interested in working with juveniles.

“This type of career is for people who want to make the community a safer place. You have to have a passion for helping people.” It is evident that Aponte possesses the passion and drive to do just that.

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