School for Thought: Why Become a Medical Assistant?

Have you had dreams of landing a job in the medical field? The good news is, there will always be a need for trained medical professionals — in a variety of different healthcare settings — to contribute to providing the highest level of patient care possible. A medical assistant is a great career path for those who want to gain a foothold in the medical field, without committing to years of medical school. Like any new career, however, it’s important to do your research and consider what it will take to become a medical assistant, as well as fully understanding the job responsibilities involved, to ensure you’re making the best decision possible before diving in.

So, why become a medical assistant?

Enter the medical field quickly.

The certification and schooling for medical assistants is a lot quicker than many other jobs in the healthcare field. There are many accredited and flexible medical assistant programs out there that provide you with the education you need to earn your MA certification in a short period of time. Goodwin College’s medical assistant program, for example, offers flexible, accelerated course options both on-campus and online for the working adult. The entire program can be completed in as few as 12 months. With the financial demands of life, this quick turnaround is one of the many reasons to become a medical assistant today.

Enjoy the opportunity to work with people.

We can think of no other industry in which you can make a more valuable impact in someone else’s life than you can in healthcare, and being a medical assistant is no exception. As a medical assistant, you will work directly under a physician’s wings to help provide patients with the best care possible. Helping people, both patients and physicians, allows you to experience the first-hand impact that your work can have on other people’s lives. That gratifying human connection is maybe one of the most rewarding reasons to become a medical assistant.

There is a multi-faceted nature of the work.

Medical assistants work in a variety of different settings, including ambulatory care, healthcare clinics, hospitals, and private practices. They handle administrative tasks — such as updating patient records, filing insurance claims, and scheduling appointments — as well as clinical responsibilities that involve patient interaction — taking vital signs, preparing the exam room, greeting patients, and more. The work is very versatile, which makes medical assistants an essential and adaptable member of the medical team. Being part of such a collaborative environment, medical assistants’ work is both challenging and inspiring.

There is a bright job outlook & steady job security:

According to the Connecticut Department of Labor, employment of medical assistants is anticipated to increase 27.4 percent by 2022. Nationwide, employment of medical assistants is expected to rise 29 percent within the next decade. This increasing job security and demand is one of the many reasons to become a medical assistant today. With developments in healthcare, an aging baby boomer population, and a growing focus on preventative care, the need for trained medical assistants will only continue to grow.

Also, becoming a medical assistant can open up doors to many different career opportunities in the medical field. Some of these positions could include a medical billing specialist, MA academic advisor, MA program director, Medical Office Administrator, and even an office manager. Furthermore, MAs can use their medical assisting degrees and experience to help them further their education (for example, by earning a nursing degree) and pursue higher levels of medical care.

Again, why become a medical assistant? In short, because the demand for qualified and trained MAs will continue to grow, and this hands-on, rewarding career will allow you to make a difference in people’s lives. Call Goodwin College at 800-889-3282 to learn more about our Medical Assistant certificate and associate degree programs. Or, visit us online!