public safety administration degree in ct

What is Public Safety Administration, and How Can You Get Involved?

Public safety, also called public security, refers to the welfare and protection of the greater community. It involves protecting the public from crime, disaster, and other potential threats to their safety and wellbeing. Public safety professionals, such as police officers and first-responders, are dedicated to ensuring that citizens are kept out of harm’s way.

Public safety administration is a branch of the public safety field that is focused on leadership. While public safety professionals work on the frontlines to protect their communities, public safety administrators are the ones developing the strategies, the resources, and the teams to ensure their community’s needs are met.

What is a Public Safety Administration Degree?

Public safety administration is an area of study that prepares students for leadership careers in criminal justice, homeland security, and emergency response. A public safety administration degree is typically offered at the bachelor’s level, and teaches the advanced skills needed to become a leader in this field. These skills include strategic planning, decision-making, risk assessment, research methodology, and policy analysis, among others.

With a degree in public safety administration, you will be prepared to make an impact on the current public safety structure in our communities. You can help create programs for emergency preparedness and response, or for disaster mitigation. You may help lead police reform in your community, manage budgets for a local law enforcement agency, or enforce new fire safety regulations to help keep citizens safe. Public safety administrators are in charge of coordinating, developing, and directing the resources that will safeguard the greater good.

A public safety administration degree is often synonymous with a bachelor’s degree in public safety. Program and degree names will vary depending on the school. At Goodwin University, for example, our bachelor’s degree in public safety covers many administrative topics, and students walk away with the following competencies:

  • Research methodology as it applies to public safety and security
  • An understanding of a diverse workplace and multicultural society
  • Knowledge of the ethical issues within public safety and security, as well as the modern challenges and needs within this profession
  • The analytical and problem-solving skills needed to address the public’s needs
  • Skills in strategic planning, policy development, and policy analysis
  • Evidence-based decision making skills as they relate to the profession
  • Knowledge of theories and practices, particularly those involving contemporary issues in public safety and security

What are the Public Safety Administration Career Options?

As noted above, public safety administrators are needed to keep communities safe, develop strategies for change, and meet the modern challenges of today’s public safety field. Management and leadership positions are available in different facets of the public safety sphere, including law enforcement, fire safety, emergency preparedness, and more. You may work with a private organization, or within government agencies at the local, state, and federal level.

After graduating Goodwin’s public safety program, students are prepared to fulfill positions within:

  • Corporate Security
  • Corrections
  • Courts
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Law Enforcement
  • Emergency Management
  • National Security
  • Homeland Security Agencies

At Goodwin, you can tailor your coursework to your career aspirations and interests. Our public safety curriculum has many open electives, so that you can choose areas of study that are most relevant to your professional goals.

How to Get Started in Public Safety Administration

While entry-level law enforcement and security careers are obtainable with a high school diploma, advanced positions are best fit for candidates with a college education. A college degree can give you a competitive edge, and many employers today will require it. For example, emergency management directors are required to have at least a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

To become a leader and difference-maker in your community, consider launching your career with a public safety degree. A public safety program will qualify you for advanced positions, or position you to advance your career in this growing field. Through this degree program, you will gain connections to leaders within the industry and hone the skills needed to manage and lead a team of public safety pros.

If you live in Connecticut, you can start at Goodwin University. Our public safety program is taught by industry authorities, who will prepare you to join the prestigious ranks of law enforcement and public safety professionals. Learn about our program by visiting us online here, or calling 800-889-3282.