What Can You Do With a Business Administration Degree?

“My degree wasn’t just a piece of paper. Goodwin made me a better person.” — Lincoln LeFebrvre, Goodwin Management and Leadership class of 2014

Were you born to be a leader in the business world? Are you someone people naturally follow and who always gets results? Maybe you take charge of situations every day; thrive where you can work independently and aren’t afraid to blaze a trail for others. Are you highly organized, detail oriented, and analytical? Then you should consider pursuing a degree in business administration.

With the ever-changing advancements in today’s world, business isn’t the same as it was 20, 15, or even five years ago. Your chances for a successful career increase considerably when you receive your business degree at a college that’s focused on the future.

Goodwin College has a well-respected reputation as a leader in innovative and entrepreneurial education. We train professionals with the courage to succeed and the vision to make a difference. The skills you’ll acquire at Goodwin are what today’s employers are looking for. We know, because we’ve asked them. Our bachelor’s degree in Business Administration provides you with the business competencies that employers look for in their workforce. Our program of study integrates analysis of theory, case studies, and research allowing you the ability to apply these to practical situations in the field.

Become a Manager, a Non-Profit Leader, or Start Your Own Business

Through our business administration degree program, we teach students how to be successful in start-ups, small businesses, and nonprofits — the sources of nimble innovation in today’s world. These free-thinking, fast-moving organizations are changing the face of business and driving innovation through the creative application of business principles.

Our program is built on the fundamentals of planning, leadership, and development — qualifications identified by employers seeking business professionals. You’ll learn how to manage people, access resources, and process information — universal skills that you can apply in any business setting. You will also learn business law and ethics, human resource management, management, customer relations in a multicultural world, and targeted marketing and social media.

If you’re looking to move up in the world and become an organizational leader that others can rely on, consider pursuing a business administration degree. The skills you learn could last a lifetime.

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