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Is a Welding College or Manufacturing School Right for You?

Are you a creator with a passion for technology and innovation? Are you looking to jumpstart a welding career, or gain hands-on experience in the manufacturing sphere? Whether you are just getting started in the manufacturing field, or looking to level-up your welding skills, you may be considering a college level program. Manufacturing and welding are highly technical fields that require specialized training. So, can a welding college get you where you need to be?

Is Welding College Right for You?

While welding college is not required for many entry-level jobs, it can give you a great advantage as you look to enhance your career. By attending a welding program, you can gain direct experience with industry equipment, learn advanced welding techniques, and become well-versed in the different types of welding today. This will position you for more job opportunities in the field. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics explains that welders who receive formal training, such as through a college-level program, are generally preferred by manufacturing employers today:

“Although numerous employers are willing to hire inexperienced entry-level workers and train them on the job, many prefer to hire workers who have been through training or credentialing programs.” – the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Connecticut manufacturers, in particular, are looking for trained and skilled workers to hire in 2021 and beyond. According to a recent survey, 70 percent of CT manufacturers are struggling to find young workers. 40 percent state it is because these candidates lack skills and expertise in their trade.

There are many benefits to attending a welding college. There is a shortage of workers in welding, as well as many facets of manufacturing, that need to be filled by inspired workers like you. By taking college-level welding classes, you can gain skills that will qualify you for many jobs, such as:

  • Welding and workplace safety
  • Welding fabrication
  • Common welding methods like shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux core arc welding, and thermal cutting
  • Operation of advanced machinery

Upon completion of a specialized, career-focused welding school, you can qualify for careers in a variety of industries, from automobile to aerospace, construction to engineering, and more. You can fulfill different titles in welding, as well. However, most welders will carry out similar day-to-day tasks: cutting, shaping, soldering, and blending metals to create or repair a product.

Many welders are satisfied with their career, as it gives them opportunity to work with their hands, work in unique places, and create the products that people need. However, some welders wish to expand their training beyond the basic welding skills. Some desire to learn about other areas of manufacturing, such as production, management, and CNC. If you wish to expand your skills beyond the craft of welding, you may consider pursuing a manufacturing degree.

Is a Manufacturing College Right for You?

Welding is one of the 77 sectors within the manufacturing industry today. What this means is that there are many other areas you can study, techniques you can learn, and certifications you can earn within this field. By choosing an all-encompassing manufacturing and machining school, you can broaden your skillset through a variety of different manufacturing curriculums.

At Goodwin University, for example, we offer our students hands-on training, employer-taught courses, and extensive certifications to qualify them for a variety of roles. Here, you can take courses in welding, as well as courses in:

  • CNC machining
  • Quality management systems
  • Manufacturing management
  • Mechatronics
  • Logistics
  • And more!

Going to manufacturing school is a great supplement to welding college, and can dictate a momentous shift in your career path. Not only will you be qualified for welding careers, but you will also stand out to employers in other manufacturing sectors, as well.  Manufacturing sectors that have strong career outlooks and great benefits for qualified workers.

At Goodwin, students may complete their welding certificate and pursue other areas of study, within the programs listed above. In the end, the courses you choose will depend on your interests, career goals, and the level of commitment you’d like to invest in a manufacturing or welding college.

Manufacturing and Welding College: Both Flexible Options

Manufacturing is a fun and exciting field for creative workers who desire a hands-on profession. Whether you choose welding or another area of study, you will not find a typical 9-5 office job! Another benefit of the manufacturing profession is that it does not need to take years of school to pursue. As noted above, entry-level positions can be filled with little prerequisite training. Of course, those with more training under their belts will have better career outcomes. And you can gain this training in a matter of months.

At Goodwin University, you can complete the welding training and certificate program in as few as 8 months. Courses are offered in a full-time or part-time format, depending on your availability and whether you are working while going to college. The welding program is open enrollment and there are no wait lists.

We also offer certificates in Mechatronics, Manufacturing and Logistics, and CNC machining – which are  between two and three semesters. Becoming specialized in these areas takes only a matter of months. However, if you can invest more time in schooling, you may also consider an associate or bachelor’s degree program in the manufacturing field. These can equip you to fulfill advanced leadership roles within the field, and work your way up in management.

Launch Your Career Today

Manufacturing has long been a flourishing field. In Connecticut, there are close to 4,000 manufacturing companies that employ almost 156,000 workers. And those workers? They earn an average salary of $98,150 annually in the state.

No matter what sector of manufacturing you choose to pursue, there is no doubt you will be entering an ever-rewarding, ever-evolving career path full of opportunity.

To learn why Goodwin is a leading manufacturing and welding college in Connecticut, visit us online today.