Take Your Welding Courses to the Next Level with a Manufacturing Degree

Are you considering a career in welding? Are you looking for welding courses in Connecticut, or are you ready to take your welding skills to the next level?

Welding is a rewarding, exciting career path for those who are looking for hands-on work. A flourishing sector of the manufacturing industry, welding is a dynamic, adapting field. It is constantly changing based on new principles, modern craft, and rising challenges. Welding has many faces and work environments, leading it to be an extremely popular career choice for young people today.

Welders are needed in just about every industry: construction, engineering, automobile, aerospace; in oil rigs, power plants, and underwater. No matter the industry you choose, though, know that your tasks will be very similar across the board. As a welder, you can expect to spend your days cutting, shaping, and blending materials together to create the desired product. You will pick the materials to use, arrange them appropriately, then follow a design to create the parts. You may also do repairs.

If you want a strictly hands-on career and prefer to work outdoors, becoming a certified welder may be the right path you. But if you want to stretch beyond the craft of welding, soldering, and repairing, you may aspire to become learned in other sectors of the manufacturing industry, as well. If you are looking to expand beyond your initial welding training, then you may consider enrolling in a college-level manufacturing training program. If you are just considering a future in manufacturing and are deciding whether to enroll in welding courses or a manufacturing program, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Do you have a logical mind and a knack for problem solving?
  • Do you possess great communication skills?
  • Are you interested in a supervisor or managerial position in manufacturing?
  • Are you interested in other sectors of manufacturing, such as Supply Chain or Logistics?
  • Do you want to receive training on top-of-the-line CNC machinery?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, pursuing a college-level education in manufacturing may be the next step towards your career. Goodwin College, a leading manufacturing and machining school in CT, offers an extensive mix of training, coursework, and certifications needed to succeed in the manufacturing industry today. Here, you will learn the ins and outs of operations management, manufacturing supervision, lean manufacturing, green manufacturing, manufacturing logistics, industrial safety, production planning and control, quality management, and more.

Broadening your manufacturing skills can bring great benefits to you. With an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or certification, you will encounter more opportunities than ever before. Rather than staying limited to a handful of job titles within the welding sector, you will have great access to careers in industrial or mechanical engineering, production, chemical technology, manufacturing management, and more.

Welding can be a great stepping stone to a prosperous manufacturing career. Welders today earn a median salary of $40,970 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

When considering welding as a career, why not think outside of the box? Pursuing a degree in manufacturing will help you gain a broader knowledge of the industry, advance your skills base in more areas of the industry, and make you more qualified for the most competitive, in-demand manufacturing careers.

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