Troy Carlson

Troy Carlson: “I believe in Goodwin’s message”

Troy Carlson worked as a Medical Assistant in a pediatrics office, but the inspiration to continue his education and become a nurse led him to enroll at Goodwin College.

“My mom raised me to be loving, compassionate, and caring. To me, that’s what nursing is: caring for people as a whole,” Carlson explained. “It’s about being there for them, not for the money.”

Carlson walked in the Goodwin’s December nurses pinning ceremony and is looking forward to starting his career. Even though he’s now a graduate of the associate program, he still finds ways to stay involved in the Goodwin community by tutoring nursing students three days a week.

“Goodwin’s nursing faculty motivates all of their students to be the best nurses possible,” Carlson explained. “I’m committed to their mission, and I want to help Goodwin bring this field forward.”

Through tutoring, Carlson discovered how much he enjoys teaching and how rewarding it is to give back.

“You can learn at any nursing school, but the experience at Goodwin in unique. I believe in Goodwin’s message, and I want to continue that.”

It’s obvious that Carlson will bring his passion and dedication wherever his career takes him, whether as a nurse, as a teacher, or a combination of both.