Kelly Desso: From Music to Asset Protection

Desso is now a student in the Public Safety program at Goodwin. “I came to Goodwin because it is an institution that strives for results. The concept of ‘When am I ever going to use this?’ does not exist here,” Desso said.

Desso chose Public Safety because she wants to serve the community she lives in. “It’s a unique field,” Desso explained, “because you can prevent issues before they occur as opposed to being faced with only the aftermath.”

Goodwin’s course structure allows Public Safety students to arrange their public safety coursework based on their area of interest. “Everyone is given the same assignment, but everyone focuses on a different safety branch. Open discussions allow us to learn from our peers and consider ideologies that were never brought to the table before,” Desso said.

Desso appreciated that Goodwin’s faculty members are experienced and that students come from a unique arrangement of backgrounds. “Every day is a learning experience as I am exposed to different cultures and beliefs.”

Desso’s coursework and term projects served as a great example during job interviews and in the workforce.

She currently works in Asset Protection, formerly known as loss prevention, for a large-scale retailer. She conducts floor surveillance, apprehends shoplifters, and investigates internal fraud.

She works with many veterans and safety personnel looking for proper training. “Being the academic example at my workplace persuades many to consider joining the Goodwin student body. Having class once a week seems to be a huge selling point.”