Robert Misbach

Robert Misbach: From Printing Presses to Environmental Safety Consulting

When the printing company where he had worked as a pressman for 23 years shut down, Robert Misbach came to Goodwin College in search of a career change and decided to pursue environmental studies. “I’ve always been an outdoorsman, so it seemed like a natural transition,” Misbach stated.

He began his studies in 2008, graduated with his degree in 2010, and later secured a position as the environmental health and safety director at Microbest, a precision machined components and assemblies company in Waterbury, Connecticut.

Misbach is in charge of OSHA record keeping and the safety of over 200 employees. “I perform safety counseling for hazardous waste disposal, storm water control, and pollution,” he noted.

Goodwin’s Environmental Studies program laid down a solid foundation for Misbach to work from. “The College had a lot to do with me getting a job. They get you in the door.”

Misbach used his degree to help him branch off into safety. Working in the field has broadened his skill set and he hopes to learn more about machinery. “I see myself here years from now, but continuing to grow and learn.”

Misbach plans to enroll in manufacturing courses at Goodwin to gain more experience and knowledge in machine maintenance. “I have already had a great experience at Goodwin, and the most important thing I learned is that hard work pays off.”