Veronica Vioude and Yamilette Rosado

Goodwin’s Human Services “Dynamic Duo”

Goodwin College’s Human Services program provides students with a wide range of opportunities to make a positive impact and to improve the quality of life for others — and that’s exactly what Veronica Vioude and Yamilette Rosado are learning to do, even before they graduate. Collectively, Vioude and Rosado are often referred to as the “dynamic duo” by their professors and classmates.

Vioude came to Goodwin straight from Manchester High School and chose to enroll in the Human Services program because she genuinely enjoys helping people and wants to make a difference on a large scale. She recognizes how much extra time the Goodwin faculty spends encouraging students and designing curricula that support all learning types.

Rosado is a transfer student and appreciates how different the atmosphere is at Goodwin compared to what she had seen elsewhere. “The difference can be seen in the professors, the surroundings, the warm and professional environment, and how students choose to pursue their education,” she explains. “It’s obvious that this school is centered on the students.”

Both Vioude and Rosado credit the Goodwin faculty on changing their lives. “The faculty members really want the students to succeed, and that makes such a difference. They’ve given us the knowledge and tools to move ahead,” Rosado notes.

Both students say that their ultimate goal is to establish an organization in Connecticut aimed at combatting human trafficking. “It’s our dream. We want people to have knowledge, stability, and a safe place to go,” Vioude states.

In their Human Services classes, Vioude and Rosado have learned different ways to facilitate therapy through group counseling. “It’s not only informative, but it’s therapeutic as well. It’s a safe place for participants to share what they’re feeling and have their voices heard,” Vioude notes.

“We’ve been empowered at Goodwin, and in turn we hope to empower others,” adds Rosado.

They will be graduating this spring and have both been accepted into the School of Social Work MSW program at the University of Connecticut.