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Online MSN Classes at Goodwin & What You Can Expect

Looking for a Master’s in Nursing (MSN) program that fits into your busy life? There are hundreds of thousands of people like you, who want to both build their professional skillset and ensure that their family or career remains a top priority. Earning a Master’s in Nursing online may be the answer.

More than likely, you also want to make a difference in the world, as you broaden your horizons in nursing. While registered nurses are changing patient lives every day, nurses with an MSN degree have the power to impact even larger patient populations and communities. They can become leaders, administrators, educators, researchers, and more with a master’s degree in hand. You can follow this path, and gain advanced practice knowledge, through MSN classes.

At the same time, you may be thinking how unachievable a master’s degree must be, as there’s no way for you to take time off from work (and it is, in fact, impossible to be in two places at once). That’s why many, many aspiring MSN students turn to online or distance learning. Online MSN classes are best for maximizing your time, energy, and money. Goodwin University knows that out of those three expenses, the only one you can get back once spent, is money. Ironically, this return is only likely if you make that initial investment! If you want to make a smart investment on yourself, make your skillset more valuable, and avoid wasting time doing so, online MSN classes may be your next step.

Goodwin University’s online MSN program has efficiency and flexibility figured out. Upon enrollment, you’ll be looking forward to part-time and online classes, that can be completed in as few as 20 months. Though Goodwin is located in Connecticut, you don’t necessarily have to be based in CT! You just have to be residing in a SARA state.

This is just one of the beautiful things about online classes. From wherever you are, you can continue to work full-time while earning your MSN degree. Your own schedule can dictate when you buckle down to do your coursework. You also don’t have to sacrifice the networking aspect of attending school. You’ll still move through your online coursework with a cohort of peers, get to know one another, collaborate, engage in discussions, and forge bonds that will be a benefit to your professional network. For only the things that need to be taught in person, Goodwin asks all students to participate in a 90-hour final capstone project at the end of their studies, which includes self-directed fieldwork in the areas of community and public health.

Your online MSN classes will cover everything that you need to know to bring your RN title to the next level among other ambitious nurses. Some core components of the online MSN curriculum include:

  • Pathophysiology for Advanced Nursing Practice
    This is your key course on diseases. Using case studies, you’ll learn how to assess patient symptoms and understand etiology, pathogenesis, genomics, and developmental and environmental influences on health.


  • Pharmacology for Advanced Nursing Practice
    Understanding drug administration is a huge part of mastering patient treatment. Measurement and dosage are literal make-or-break moments for patients of all ages and health stages! As an aspiring advanced nurse, you’ll tackle pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacogenomics as well.


  • Physical Assessment for Advanced Nursing Practice
    Without clear and specific data collection on patient health and progression through treatment, it’s impossible to prove whether there has been improvement, and therefore, whether to continue or pivot approach. This course will provide advanced tools for comprehensive and holistic patient assessment, therefore teaching volumes about care plan management.


  • Policy, Politics, and Organization of Healthcare
    As an advanced nurse, you’ll be playing a pivotal role within a much larger healthcare system. From hospitals to NGOs, policy and politics are going to impact your career. Often, change starts with those who have their boots on the ground: who make observations and recognize inequality at the root. Nurses are often at the forefront of healthcare policy development and patient advocacy. Therefore, it’s important to be prepared as a voice of reason, and to learn the language of political engagement and policy, in order to affect change where necessary, and for the betterment communities at large.


  • Theoretical Foundations of Population Health
    Goodwin University’s MSN program specializes in population health management, and this course will be a major benefit to understanding this area of nursing in detail. Not only will you examine access and therefore healthcare distribution, promotion, and disease prevention, but you’ll dig into some of the challenges that impact the quality of healthcare.

Hopefully, these online courses sound exciting to you. But we know you’re not making the decision to spend your resources on education lightly. Shouldn’t your selected institution make the same investment in you?

To show you how much Goodwin University believes in our students, we offer a very special, and very valuable, guarantee. MSN graduates can take advantage of lifetime career services. For free. That means help with interviews, job searching and placement, cover letter and resumé review, workshops and professional development… the list goes on! It doesn’t matter what year you graduate: Goodwin University will have your back for all your years to come. Learn more, by visiting us online.