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The Benefits of Pursuing an Online Management Degree

Great management is needed in nearly every type of business. And great leadership is a key component to success. Think about nearly any experience you’ve ever had as a consumer. When you needed a new cellphone, when you had a problem with your cable bill, or when you just wanted to share feedback after a memorable restaurant experience – you wanted to speak with a manager. Even out of the public eye, managers play a vital role in all sorts of offices, organizations, and workplaces.

Perhaps one of your experiences with a manager inspired you to pursue a management degree. Maybe you feel that you are a natural born-leader, who loves working with others and bringing people together to work toward a greater goal. Perhaps you are already working in the field of your dreams, but wish to climb the ranks of your company with a management degree. No matter the case, getting a great leadership education is the clear next step.

Business has long-been a popular choice for a college degree. In fact, the National Center for Education shows that business has been the most popular undergraduate major since the early 80s! It’s also a practical path. At the bachelor’s level, eight of the 10 top majors in demand by employers (according to the NACE) are in the business category, such as accounting or management.

With demand for business management professionals so great, now is the time to dive in. More than likely, you want to get into the workforce (and start building success) right away. You may be looking for a degree that is fast, flexible, and works with your already busy schedule. That is where an online management degree program can come into play.

Online management degrees offer an efficient and convenient path towards a great career. And with technology having such a strong role in higher education today, online management classes are not uncommon to find. At Goodwin College, we offer a Bachelor’s in Management and Leadership program with classes fully online. Our students learn and master their skills in communication, employee development, ethics, facilitating change, leadership, mentoring, supervision, and teamwork.

Today, there are many reasons to pursue an online management degree. As a career-focused school in Connecticut, Goodwin truly believes that flexibility is key to student success. That is why so many of our courses are offered online and at an accelerated pace – so that students can have the convenience of studying online, while still maintaining a career or other obligations, and get on the fast-path (or their own path) towards their dream job.

Below we outline some of the many benefits a hybrid or online management degree can bring, to help aspiring managers like you determine whether this is the right learning path:

  1. Online management degrees are flexible, allowing you to work full-time while getting an education. Online degree programs are convenient in that, unlike traditional campuses, students are not limited by their location or time restraints. If you choose to take online management classes, you can stay where you are (wherever you are), without disrupting the other obligations and responsibilities of your life. Many of our students have very busy lives working full- or part-time jobs and caring for their families. We understand — that’s why our leadership college’s convenient offerings and coursework allow you to balance your studies with life outside the classroom.

If you choose to pursue an online Management and Leadership degree at Goodwin College, we can help you build a class schedule that meets your needs. Management and Leadership courses are available fully online or in a hybrid, on-campus/online format.

  1. You can complete your management degree faster, in addition to an online format. Generally speaking, online management degrees can be obtained more quickly than their traditional classroom counterparts. Students pursuing the online Management and Leadership degree program at Goodwin, for example, have the option to take courses in an accelerated, 7.5-week format. We also offer six class starts per year, so you can apply at any time and the classes you need are available when you need them.
  2. Online courses allow you to work from the comfort of your own home and work at your own pace. Pursuing an online management degree allows you the opportunity to create a learning environment that works for you, rather than an environment you must learn to work with. With online courses, you also have some flexibility in terms of the times you begin your coursework. If you are a morning person, you can get a jump on your day early, before heading to work. Likewise, night owls can set study time aside in the evening. While pursuing your online management degree, you can find and develop your ideal, balanced learning environment.
  3. With an online management program, you will have resources right at your fingertips. One of the greatest perks of an online management degree is that you will always have the resources you need right at your fingertips. Earning a degree online does not mean you have to sacrifice quality academic resources, or a quality education.

All leadership classes in the online Management and Leadership program at Goodwin are livestreamed, so you can tune-in, in real-time, anywhere you have an internet connection. These livestreamed lectures allow you, your professors, and your peers to engage remotely in class discussions through interactive discussion boards online. These lectures are also recorded so that you can access your classes on-demand, whenever and wherever works for you.

The beauty of a hybrid program – online and on-campus – is that you will also have face-to-face time with your instructors, in addition to your online studies. This allows you to ask questions, get clear answers, and gain hands-on training in a practical learning setting.

  1. You may find you have a more positive learning experience. Online education may be the wave of the future, but it can also mean improved learning for certain students. In recent data, the Department of Education found that students performed better, on average, than those learning the same material in a traditional classroom, and that learning that combined online and face-to-face instruction had an even bigger advantage. This could be because students can combine their face-to-face learning with structured work right in front of them on their computers, without any time restrictions.

Start on your path towards an online management degree today. Learn more about the Management and Leadership degree program at Goodwin College by calling 1-800-889-3282.