Olivia Stacey

Olivia Stacey: “There is no way you could fail”

In January 2014, Olivia Stacey’s father passed away, altering her life path significantly. From a young age, Stacey had watched as her father studied to become a nurse. “He got his nursing degree later in life,” she noted.

She recalled that at her father’s wake, so many of his fellow nurses wanted to pay their respects that many had to change their shifts at the hospital.

Stacey wasn’t sure what kind of career she wanted to pursue, but found strength and motivation following in her father’s footsteps. “Nursing was his passion. It was who he was,” she said.

Stacey sensed her father’s presence as she became increasingly more focused and determined. “I think it was his way of saying “get it together’,” Stacey recalled.

Stacey found out about Goodwin College through her doctor, who recommended that she look into the school. She knew Goodwin was the right choice for her once she stepped onto campus and attended a nursing seminar. “I just knew. It was fate.” She is now enrolled in the Pre-Nursing program at Goodwin.

When Stacey met Dan Noonan, Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications and a Goodwin professor, she said her experience at Goodwin was greatly enhanced. “His presence alone and willingness to help changed everything.”

Stacey was struggling in her math class; when she expressed concern to Noonan, he in turn connected her to Eric Emet, Director of Student Retention. Emet was able to secure a math tutor in the Academic Success Center to get her on the right track.

“I was able to talk to people I felt comfortable with,” she commented. “The way it’s set up, there is no way you could fail.”

Once she graduates from Goodwin, she hopes to work in pediatrics. Her brother was a teen dad, which inspired her to want to help children. “As a nurse, you have to put your heart into it. Having extra love to give sets you apart.”

Stacey’s father’s passing inspired her to find a meaningful career — one that would honor him. “His death was a setback, but in many ways it also moved me forward.”

Stacey is well on her way to becoming a compassionate, hardworking nurse just like her father.

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