Christina Tolides

Christina Tolides: “I’m growing the way a nurse is supposed to grow”

Christina Tolides works in the health and safety analysis and prevention area at a large company, but realized instead of just offering emotional support she wanted to be able to offer a more well-rounded approach to care.

With an existing degree in forensic science and a minor in chemistry, Tolides decided to make a career change and enrolled in Goodwin’s nursing program.

Currently, Tolides is tasked with contacting injured employees to offer support, but she “wants to be able to actually physically help them.”

At first, Tolides was hesitant to go back to school, but she knew that in order to get where she wanted to be, Goodwin was her best option. Goodwin and her current employer offer the flexibility she needs to work full-time and pursue a nursing degree.

She believes that time shouldn’t deter anyone from going after what they want. “If it’s what you want, it’s worth it.”

Tolides appreciates the faculty’s hands-on support combined with the independence she needs to grow as a student and nurse.

“I’m growing the way a nurse is supposed to grow. I’m gaining the confidence to do things on my own in a very positive, energetic, inviting atmosphere,” Tolides said.

Tolides plans to tie her two degrees together and become a forensic nurse to help patients with emotional trauma.

“I want to help patients find the light at the end of the tunnel and advocate for and provide healthcare that they couldn’t get otherwise,” Tolides stated.

Tolides recited a powerful quote she heard from Jan Costello, Goodwin’s Nursing Department Chair; “The best paychecks are the ones you don’t cash in.” This statement has had quite an impact on how Tolides views nursing.

“Goodwin is very focused on putting reputable nurses into the field, not just someone collecting a check,” Tolides noted. Tolides will most definitely be the type of nurse Goodwin prides itself on.