Nursing School Requirements at Goodwin College

Are you looking to become a registered nurse in CT? Congratulations!  Nursing is an absolutely vital part of the health care field, and upon graduation you’ll be working closely with patients who need your care. If you’re looking to attend a great nursing school, then Goodwin College’s nursing program may be the perfect fit for your needs! With flexible class schedules, online classes, and three semesters a year, you can earn your nursing certification in no time!

Here are just a few nursing school requirements you’ll need to meet before you get started. And if any of this seems confusing or overwhelming, don’t hesitate to talk to our dedicated admissions staff. They’re always happy to walk you through the process personally!

Take the NLN Exam

Take the NLN Exam being used for pre-admission. This examination is administered at Goodwin College three times a year, (January, May and September). The cost of the Exam is the responsibility of the applicant. Students may only register for the Exam when they are submitting an application or reactivating an application that is already on file. It is the student’s responsibility to follow the deadlines and instructions posted on the application. All questions regarding Exam registration must be directed to the Nursing Department or refer to Goodwin College website for Exam dates and deadlines. Students may take The Pre-Entrance Examination as many times as they wish. Students must be enrolled in A&P II to register for the NLN pre-entrance exam.

Keep Your Grades Up and Meet the Prerequisite Classes

Students must be completing A&P 2 when they register for the pre-entrance exam, and must score at 50 percent or higher on this exam to be considered for admission. They must also earn a minimum GPA of 2.7 in the most recent course work (college). College GPA is based on a minimum of 12 completed credits at Goodwin College.

Students must also complete the following classes with a “C” grade or higher:

  1. MATH 125 (Goodwin College) or higher or score into a college level math on the college placement test. This course fulfills the Math Competency general education graduation requirement.
  2. Chemistry – CHEM 101 (Goodwin College) or equivalent.
  3. BIO 120 or BIO 121 (Goodwin College) or equivalent with a laboratory component is the prerequisite for BIO 211. (Note: Applicants meeting all other requirements can be admitted conditionally without completing BIO 212. However, this course must be successfully completed prior to starting the nursing program)

Background Check and Drug Test

All students accepted to the Associate Degree in Nursing program must submit to a background check and drug screening. Tuition covers the cost of both. However, if the drug screen result is “negative dilute”, the student must assume the cost of a second drug screen. Students will be notified if the background check reveals any criminal record that might interfere with future licensure.

In the event that a clinical facility finds the results of a student’s background check objectionable and, as a result, prohibits the student from participating in a clinical experience at their facility, the department will make two additional attempts to place the student in an alternative facility. If neither of the two further attempts yields a placement for the student, he or she will not be permitted to progress with the program. Students are advised to take this into consideration upon initial receipt of the results of their background check.

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