national funeral director day 2023

Goodwin Celebrates National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day

March 11 is National Funeral Director and Mortician Recognition Day — an opportunity to acknowledge the often-unsung professionals in funeral services.

For those who’ve chosen a career in this important field, this is a time to reflect on why they do what they do. Goodwin University’s Funeral Service Program Director, Jesse Gomes echoes this sentiment. “I chose a career in Funeral Service not only because it was a way to give back to my community and the families that I serve,” Professor Gomes explains, “but to give back to the deceased by celebrating a life well lived.”

national funeral director day 2023

Funeral rites can be traced back to the earliest days of humankind. The tradition of mourning, honoring, and paying respects to the deceased in ritual has been occurring in diverse ways for thousands of years. While funerals don’t relieve the distress of losing loved ones, most of us find comfort in commemorating their lives through ceremony, and funeral service professionals are integral to this process.

Funeral directors and morticians are there to help you navigate the complicated emotional process of saying goodbye. By ensuring that your loved one is properly cared for, respected, and given the honor they deserve, these professionals offer immense comfort to families during painful times. The empathetic individuals who provide these vital services aren’t in it for thanks — they are focused on giving back to their communities and making the tragedy of loss just a bit more bearable.

On this day of recognition, Professor Gomes also looks to the future of this important profession. “I value the small business aspect of my profession and the legacy it has. I am lucky enough to teach funeral service and help shape its future. I am happy to say that my students today will be my colleagues tomorrow, and to know that they have the best foundation underneath them.”

At Goodwin, our Funeral Service degree program trains students to become the compassionate professionals of tomorrow. With the help of our dedicated faculty, Goodwin students learn how to serve their communities by appropriately honoring, respecting, and revering the deceased.

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