masters in public health distance learning

Is an MPH Distance Learning Program Right for You?

Public Health professionals focus on improving lives and communities all around the world. The work they do on a daily basis directly affects every single individual in our population. It is a rewarding field both professionally and personally, and the opportunities are abundant within it. Today, you can become a Disaster and Emergency Specialist, Biostatician, Epidemiologist, or Sanitarian — among many other important careers. How do you achieve these titles? A Master’s in Public Health.

Going back to school to earn an advanced degree is a commitment, and for those already juggling jobs, family, and other obligations, a Master’s in Public Health program may not seem feasible at this point in your life. Fortunately, there are flexible programs available. Goodwin College’s MPH distance learning program is designed for the busy professional in mind.

What exactly is a Master’s in Public Health distance learning program? An MPH distance learning program is a master’s degree that is offered completely online. This flexible degree option provides students with a convenient opportunity to earn a quality master’s education in the field they love, without having to sacrifice other competing priorities in life. Goodwin’s MPH distance learning program can be completed fully online in as little as 16 months full-time. The convenience of the online degree means students do not need to waste time or money commuting to class. Eliminating that commuting stress frees students up to fully focus on their coursework at their own convenience.

Some who are unfamiliar with online degrees may feel that an MPH distance learning program means sacrificing a quality education. On the contrary, the right distance learning curriculum will be robust, focusing on many relevant, crucial public health topics. Specifically, Goodwin’s MPH program focuses on biostatistics, epidemiology, public health policy, resource management and the application of these skills to local community health issues.

Despite popular belief, an online format allows students to interact with each other and their instructors in a meaningful (but convenient) way. Distance learning platforms give students a forum to ask questions, seek additional knowledge, and collaborate with their peers on coursework that will enhance their knowledge and skills in being able to implement improvements to our public health system.

Furthermore, an MPH distance learning degree from Goodwin College will open the door to more opportunities in the field. The robust curriculum supports learning the important skills necessary for public health professionals to acquire advanced positions and/or take on more responsibilities within their current roles. Some of these advanced positions — such as an Epidemiologist — come with a high salary potential. Epidemiologists can earn a salary of over $100,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

While all MPH distance learning programs may have slightly different requirements, Goodwin College’s requirements are straightforward. Goodwin considers students for admission with a bachelor’s degree in a public health related field, with a 3.0 GPA. If students do not have those prerequisites, Goodwin also offers conditional acceptance for those who have earned less than a 3.0, but have relevant life or work experience. These students just need to submit a special essay describing why they would do well in the MPH distance learning program. GRE scores are not required for admission at Goodwin College.

Do you have more questions about how an MPH distance learning program can benefit your career while also fitting into your busy schedule? Speak with a Goodwin College advisor today to learn more about the Public Health master’s program and how to enroll. Call 800-889-3282.