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Connecticut Funeral Director and Mortician Salary Information

Morticians, more commonly referred to as funeral directors, play a vital role in people’s lives and in how we honor life as a whole. They support families who are grieving the death of a loved one, arrange funeral services for the deceased, and also prepare bodies for burial and cremation. While this work is in no way easy, it is one of the most impactful and rewarding careers you can have. Every day, funeral directors help families face (and work through) some of the most challenging times of their lives.

Due to the difficult nature of their work, funeral service workers can usually expect a comfortable salary. If you are considering becoming a mortician or funeral director, you can rest assured this career path is both personally and financially rewarding. Read on for mortician and funeral director salary information, nationwide and in Connecticut.

National Averages for Morticians and Funeral Directors

Across the nation, morticians and funeral directors are needed to organize end-of-life services, such as preparing obituaries. By 2026, there will be nearly thirty-thousand morticians and funeral directors helping to carry out proper death care and ceremonies. Due to an aging population, and more baby boomers pre-arranging funeral details, employment is expected to grow in this line of work.

The average, national salary for funeral directors and morticians today is $51,850 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This translates to about $27/hour for modern morticians. Advanced roles can earn you even higher pay. Funeral service managers, for example, earn an average salary of $78,040 per year in the United States.

Most funeral service workers work full time, with long workdays being common. Because funeral directors and morticians must be available to families at all times, they are often on-call on evenings and weekends. This, in turn, usually leads to more compensation and over time.

It’s important to call out that the mortician salary, or the funeral director salary, will vary depending on where you work. While the BLS reports an average salary of over $50,000 per year, some states and regions will promise pay that is double the national average. Enter, Connecticut mortician careers.

The Mortician and Funeral Director Salary in Connecticut

Connecticut is the top-paying, highest-compensating state for morticians and funeral directors in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Connecticut morticians, undertakers, and funeral directors can expect to make over $110,000 annually – and still with room for growth.

The Connecticut Department of Labor reports that for a 40-hour work week, 52 weeks of the year, established morticians and funeral directors will make closer to $114,000 per year. This translates to about $54.60 an hour, which is exactly double the national average for this occupation.

The CT DOL also reports on the current entry-level salary for morticians and funeral service directors, which is about $27.48 an hour or over $57,000 per year. This means as soon as you are hired in the field, you will already be making more than double what most entry-level hires make in the country, and probably more than most of your other, recent-grad friends.

How to Launch Your Funeral Services Career

If you are passionate about helping others during times of need, and are interested in this unique line of work, you may now be wondering where to start. The simple answer? Probably Connecticut, where you can expect the highest salary potential. The long answer, and the answer you’re likely looking for, is in an accredited funeral services degree program.

To become a mortician or funeral director in Connecticut today, you must hold an associate degree in mortuary science or funeral services, from a program accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE). This will qualify you to take the National Board Examination, also administered by the ABFSE, which is required in order to land a paid apprenticeship and eventually take the state board exam to become certified in the field.

Goodwin College’s mortuary science program is accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education. Our professors have decades of experience in funeral service, all being members of the Connecticut Funeral Directors Association (CFDA) and the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), and actively working in the field. You will work closely with your professors, as well as in active funeral settings under licensed directors, to get the hands-on training you need to succeed.

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