Medical Assistant Training Program

Medical Assistant Training Program

The healthcare industry is thriving.  In fact, it is the fastest growing field among all other industries in the United States.  In the next decade, millions of medical job openings will need to be filled.

The demand for medical assistants is especially high.  By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that nearly 160,000 medical assisting jobs will open up nationwide.  Specifically in Connecticut, employment of medical assistants is expected to grow over 27 percent.

If you are interested in a high-demand career in the medical field, look no further.  Pursuing a future in medical assisting is a great move for dedicated healers and caregivers like you.

Medical assistants are valued healthcare professionals with a wealth of administrative and clinical skills. They work directly with patients in both the front of the office and in hands-on medical settings. They greet patients, prepare patients for exam, take vital signs, perform EKGs, collect and process specimens, update and file medical records, and sometimes handle insurance claims.

So, where do you begin?

Postsecondary education is an important first step for prospective medical assistants.  Through an accredited medical assistant program, you can obtain the dedicated training needed to qualify for a position in this booming field.  Even more, medical assistant training can open you up to a wide range of opportunities within the healthcare industry.  And it can all start here.

While some schools offer medical assistant training, many do not offer it for college credit.  Goodwin College in Connecticut is an exception.  We know firsthand that the leading healthcare employers now look for medical assistants with postsecondary education, certification, and who have hands-on training in the field.  This is what we aim to give to our students.

At Goodwin College, we address all multitudes of a medical assisting career.  From the classroom to on-the-job experiences, our medical assistant training program bridges the gap between administrative and clinical support.  In earning your medical assisting degree, you learn about critical laboratory techniques, clinical and office procedures, patient relations, as well as medical terminology, ethics, and law.

Training for your Medical Assistant Certification Exam

There are two components to the medical assistant training at Goodwin College.  The first is our Medical Assistant Certification program.  Here, you can complete the certificate requirements and earn your certificate in Medical Assisting in as little as 12 months.  This program also makes you immediately eligible to apply for nationally-recognized certifications and sit for the Certified Medical Assistant and Registered Medical Assistant examinations – improving your job prospects even further.

Earning Your Associate Degree in Medical Assisting

Goodwin’s collegiate certificate program also prepares students to move towards a college degree.  A college degree is appealing to employers and can make you stand out above the competition.  At Goodwin, you can complete your medical assistant associate degree in as few as 16 months’ time.

On-the-Job Medical Assistant Training

Hands-on medical assistant training is a core component of any preparatory program.  The top employers are looking for candidates with career-related experience in the field.  For this reason, Goodwin provides aspiring medical assistants with 160 hours of extensive on-site experience in several work environments: physicians’ offices, health clinics, urgent care practices, children’s hospitals, and more.  Our medical assistant internships allow students to put their skills and knowledge to action in a real-life practice.  They offer valuable employment experience that can help increase your marketability when applying for medical assisting jobs.

To request more information about our Medical Assisting Training program in Connecticut, call 800-889-3282 today.