A Closer Look at Goodwin’s Medical Assistant Internships

Find placement at dozens of medical assisting internships in CT at Goodwin College. Learn more!

The healthcare industry is continuing to grow, and the time has never been better to pursue a career in the medical field. And one great option is to pursue a career as a medical assistant. By pursuing a degree in medical assisting, students open themselves up a wide range of opportunities in the health care field.

While earning your medical assisting degree, the hands-on, experiential learning opportunities provided through in depth medical assistant internships is an important part of developing the skill that can translate to a career in medical assisting. The field is constantly expanding for medical assisting positions: physician’s offices; healthcare clinics; and specialists like dermatologists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and more!

At Goodwin College, we have matched hundreds of students with internships at dozens of locations around the state, including:

  • Connecticut Children’s Medical Center
  • Hartford Hospital
  • Francis Hospital
  • New England Urgent Care
  • MedCare Express
  • Grove Hill Medical Center (now Starlings Physicians)
  • Vernon Endocrinology
  • Hartford Cardiology
  • Connecticut Chiropractic
  • Enfield Health and Wellness
  • Kids Station Pediatrics
  • Access Healthcare
  • Dermatology Surgical Associates of Hartford
  • East Hartford Pediatrics
  • Living Well Primary Care

A Medical Assisting Internship at Goodwin College is the culminating 3-credit course of the College’s Medical Assistant Program, and responsibilities expected of the student depend on their clinical placement. During the 160-hour internship students are provided with hands-on training and career-related experience. This course provides an extensive on-site experience in a physician’s office, clinic, or other appropriate healthcare setting that allows the medical assisting student to utilize previously studied subjects and related skills. It gives the student the opportunity to put his/her class knowledge to practical use and to practice and enhance acquired skills. It provides students with valuable employment experience, increasing their marketability.

Within the next decade, the field is expected to grow by nearly 160,000 positions. Goodwin students are also encouraged to take advantage of our great Career Services department, which helps place medical assistant internships across the state and find our graduates great positions after completing their certification. Goodwin graduates are always welcome to take advantage of these amenities once they graduate, no matter how long it’s been.

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