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What Can I Do with a Master’s in Management and Leadership?

Effective leaders and managers are imperative for organizations to grow and sustain successfully. They inspire, set direction, and guide the people they are managing to help achieve the larger visions of an organization. Do you have goals of taking on those important responsibilities for a business? Earning a Master’s in Management, Leadership, or similar degree can help you advance in your career and inspire change across multiple industries.

Here is a snapshot of what graduates can do after earning a Master’s in Management, or a Master’s in Organizational Leadership (MSOL), degree.

Educational Leadership:
Educating our youth and future leaders is not only important for an educational institution, but imperative for all of our futures ahead. The upcoming generations of students are our future leaders. That said, educational institutions need to have leaders in place who can provide:

  • A strong curriculum,
  • Quality educators,
  • Resources for students and staff, and
  • A safe and conducive learning environment for everyone

A Master’s in Management or Organizational Leadership can help provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to do all of those things. Earning this advanced degree can help you pursue a career as a Principal or Vice Principal, Director or Coordinator of an educational department (i.e. Career Services, Student Affairs, Admissions and Enrollment, etc.), or even become President of a University or College.

Corporate Leadership:
Today’s current events have had effects on businesses and corporations large and small, across the world. Many businesses that were thriving and growing before the pandemic have had to scale back and go into survival mode. On the other hand, some businesses that were getting slow-starts or growing pains before, may now have a successful business because their products are being utilized now more than ever. Management roles in the corporate world are the ones making the hard and important decisions on how to keep the “doors open” and “lights on” and, conversely, create a scalable business that can keep up with the modern demand. That’s where training and a higher education degree like a Master’s in Management and Organizational Leadership comes in to play. Earning this level of degree can help you land positions within all levels of an organization. (Think, titles like Manager, Supervisor, Director, Vice President, President, and other top C-level positions.) All of these important roles require skills to lead and affect change, so that you can handle whatever comes your way.

Manufacturing Management:
Manufacturing has been the backbone of our country for centuries, and it is an important part of our economy and job force.  While manufacturers across the world have had to adjust their processes and systems due to the reality of our times, there is a need now more than ever for managers and leaders to adjust and refine the current systems in place and give strong direction to employees. A Master’s in Management and Leadership will give you the tools you need in this industry to make data-driven decision making, manage employees, communicate effectively, and resolve conflicts in the workplace. Whether you want to advance in your current manufacturing role or land a more advanced role at a new location, MSOL graduates have found themselves in a variety of positions including: Facilities or Plant Manager, Distribution Manager, Human Resources Manager, and C-level Manufacturer Executives.

Fortunately, a Master’s in Management and Leadership is more achievable now than ever with the virtual learning options. Goodwin understands that people are juggling many different life priorities, so the flexible MSOL program was designed with the working professional in mind. If you want to learn more about Goodwin’s MSOL program and what career paths you can take with this degree, contact our program administrators today!