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Master’s in Community Health vs. Master’s in Public Health: Is There a Difference?

Are you somebody who wants more than just a paycheck every day? Does a job to you mean more than just punching the clock and repeating the same motions of your ‘roles and responsibilities’? If you are somebody who looks at a job not just as a means to an end, but as an opportunity to truly make a difference in this world, then a career in public health will align with those aspirations.

The world needs more passionate people, like yourself, that want to help change the world. And if you want to change the world, then your community is a great place to start. A Master’s in Public Health (MPH) will help you with the knowledge you need to make a difference in the health of your community. Not only will this degree build up your knowledge in public and community health issues, it will also gear you up with the skills to take meaningful action in preventing disease, fighting pandemics, and educating others, among many other endeavors in the community.

Master’s in Public Health vs. Master’s in Community Health

Those looking to make a difference in their communities and advance in their careers with an MPH degree, might also contemplate a Master’s in Community Health degree instead.

A Master’s in Community Health program typically places more emphasis on small groups of individuals, and how those individuals play a role in their health and the health of those in close proximity to them (i.e. their community).

A Master’s in Public Health tends to have a broader focus of preventing disease and improving the quality of life for the population as a whole, with community health being a silo of that focus.

That said, a Master’s in Community Health degree and a Master’s in Public Health degree, while they have differences, are very similar in that the foundations of the programs focus on making a positive difference in our communities big and small.

An MPH degree truly is a highly valuable degree if you want the tools and skills to make an impact with a broader reach. An MPH degree will equip you with knowledge in the important areas of biostatistics, epidemiology, and resource and emergency management. All of the above are complex issues in the field of public health, so having the education to fully understand these subjects – and how they apply to the communities around you – is imperative to succeed in a public health position.

Furthermore, an MPH degree will give you the edge you need with employers to stand out in your career and land an advanced position. The job outlook for MPH degree holders is extremely positive and many students who have earned their MPH degree have landed jobs as Disaster and Emergency Specialists, Epidemiologists, Public Health Directors, all of which have extremely important responsibilities and make a huge impact in all our communities.

An MPH degree is more than just a line on your resume. It is vehicle to empower you in your current role or in a future advanced role to do what you aspire to do in your career – make a difference in the world around you. There is no better time than the present to pursue and advance your passion for making a difference in this world.

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